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The most important thing about the corona virus

Incidence rises to a new high. The Robert Koch Institute reports 39,676 new infections within 24 hours, the highest daily value since the beginning of the pandemic. The incidence increases significantly: from 213.7 the previous day to 232.1. The Berlin virologist Drosten believes new contact restrictions are necessary – if there are not many booster vaccinations quickly. To the current corona reports

Sauter and the “fastest possible” mask delivery. The Bavarian Ministry of Health has stuck to an expensive contract, although the protective clothing was a long time coming. The CSU politician brokered the agreement as a lawyer, which later brought him 1.2 million euros. To the article (SZ Plus)

We adults have messed up with Corona. Teachers report hair-raising deficits in children, caused by Corona. Now winter is coming and it is simply perverse that one now has to choose between infection of the children and renewed isolation horror. To the comment (SZ Plus)

What is important today

Belarus: Refugees apparently overcome border fence with Poland. This is reported by the Polish media, citing a spokeswoman for the border guard. It would be the first breakthrough since the Belarusian ruler Lukashenko invited refugees to use his country as a transit to the EU. Foreign Minister Maas calls for sanctions against his helpers. Go to Article

VW is planning a new factory for e-cars near Wolfsburg. The group could build a plant for the Trinity model near its headquarters. VW Brandstätter outlines this idea. The employees in the main plant, with whom the top management has recently repeatedly fought conflicts, could see this as a vote of no confidence. However, the manager considers retrofitting existing production lines during operation to be the worse option. The decision is to be made in the so-called planning round of the VW supervisory board at the beginning of December. Go to Article

More than 20 states want to end sales of internal combustion engines. To date, the alliance includes 24 countries, six major car manufacturers, as well as some cities and investors, as announced by the United Kingdom as the host of the world climate conference. It is still unclear whether Germany will also sign the declaration. The outgoing Transport Minister Scheuer had rejected the proposal. Go to Article

In vitro fertilization litigation for homosexual couples. In the case of a marriage between a man and a woman, health insurances cover the costs, same-sex couples have to pay for the treatment themselves. A woman is now complaining against this. This Wednesday, the Federal Social Court is negotiating the question of whether this is compatible with the Basic Law. Go to Article

Economists see high risks for Germany. They result primarily from the corona pandemic and delivery bottlenecks, as can be seen from the annual report that will be presented this Wednesday. The Council of Economic Experts is therefore assuming economic growth of 2.7 percent this year, compared with 3.1 percent in May. Go to Article

Prime Minister Risch: Liechtenstein is “no longer a tax haven”. Liechtenstein Prime Minister Risch does not want to know anything about “black money hiding and money laundering”. In an interview, he says that the Principality has “carried out far-reaching reforms” and is cooperating internationally on tax issues. At the same time, he is committed to his country’s low-tax policy and rejects the global minimum tax of 15 percent for large corporations that will apply from 2023 onwards: it hurts him “almost physically”. To the article (SZ Plus)

Queen Margrethe II is dedicated to the German-Danish refugee history. Tens of thousands of war refugees from Germany once ended up in Oksbøl, Denmark. An ambitious museum is now being built there, which can also be read as a commentary on Copenhagen’s current refugee policy. During her state visit to Berlin, the Danish Queen will also visit the Foundation Flight, Expulsion, Reconciliation, one of the cooperation partners of the museum makers in Oksbøl. Go to Article

Other important topics:

Best things

The fastest 105 year old in the world. Julia Hawkins from Louisiana, nicknamed “Hurricane”, sprinted the 100 meters in a fabulous 1:02 minutes. Your training schedule should astonish sports science. Go to Article

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