They ask Borrell to intercede for José Daniel Ferrer, detained on J 11, before the Cuban regime



The dissident and coordinator of the Unpacu platform, Jose Daniel Ferrer, has been in prison for more than 120 days. He was arrested on July 11 when he was leaving his home to participate in the historic protests that took place in almost fifty cities on the island. During these four months he has been transferred several times from prison, and has barely had contact with his family, according to a complaint. la ONG Prisoners Defenders (PD).

In the two calls that Ferrer was able to make to his wife, Nelva Ismarays Ortega, he related the situation in which he found: «I am still in the same cell, a totally walled cell, I cannot even use the mosquito net because there is nowhere to tie up, there are just four white walls, the air does not flow, there is no window that communicates with the outside, you can see absolutely nothing outside, that is, a total confinement … The worst thing, I have a constant noise in my head that as if they were crickets, constantly ringing in an unbearable way. And that constantly gives me a more continuous headache. This is stated in a statement sent by PD, in which the NGO asks the EU High Representative for Foreign Policy, Josep Borrell, to “intercede” in favor of Ferrer, “tortured, ill and intoxicated with psychotropic drugs in prison in Cuba.”

According to PD, the dissident, an express of conscience of the Black Spring and repeatedly imprisoned by the Cuban regime (the last time he was 6 months in prison), does not “receive any medical treatment, except for the deceitful administration of a psycho-drug. active, Alprazolam, which causes shortness of breath, inclination to suicide and altered consciousness. He also refers to the works that are being carried out in his cell, it would indicate, according to PD, “that it could be technologically prepared for torture.”

Ferrer is one of the thousands of Cubans who were arrested on J 11 after participating – in his case he was unable to do so – in the massive demonstrations that took place spontaneously as a result of the economic crisis, aggravated by the pandemic, which the island suffers, as well as the lack of freedoms. Hundreds of Cubans are currently being detained, many of them facing penalties of more than 10 years in prison, and others more than 25 years

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