Traffic light “happy too early”? Union advises Habeck and Lindner on financial problems

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Have the traffic light parties overlooked a financial problem? Critical tones about the federal budget come on Monday from the CDU and CSU parliamentary group in the Bundestag.

Berlin – The coalition negotiations between the SPD, Greens and FDP to form a traffic light government continue. SPD chancellor candidate Olaf Scholz had already announced after the exploratory talks between the parties that he wanted to complete the formation of the government before Christmas. Before that happens, the possible coalition partners still have to come to an agreement on various issues.

One of these critical topics is the question of financial policy in the coming legislative period and the closely related personnel discussion about the post of finance minister. Both FDP party leader Christian Lindner and Greens co-chairman Robert Habeck had already expressed interest in the coveted ministerial post during the election campaign.

Traffic light coalition: is the finance minister threatened with a rude awakening? Union points to financial problems

But regardless of which party can secure the Ministry of Finance in the ongoing negotiations, the traffic light coalition could face a rude awakening with a view to the budget. This scenario is at least proclaimed in a press release by the Union parliamentary group in the Bundestag, which was issued on Monday. In the publication entitled “Too early pleased”, the financial policy spokeswoman for the CDU and CSU, Antje Tillmann, explains that it is better not to plan the parties’ upcoming additional federal income of 10 to 15 billion euros. In doing so, it also refers to the GroKo’s contaminated sites, which will burden the budget of the potential traffic light government in the future.

“The traffic light coalition should not plan the hoped-for additional income without taking into account the problems not priced in in the exploratory paper,” writes the 57-year-old in the press release, referring to several court judgments. These would oblige the future finance minister to promptly bring about changes in the law that would put an additional burden on the budget. However, these circumstances are said not to have been taken into account in the exploratory paper.

Union goes over to attack – Tillmann: Traffic light was “happy too early”

“According to calculations by IW Cologne, the reform of pension taxation will cost 1 billion euros a year. Over the period of 40 years, the reform is expected to cost the federal government just under 40 billion euros, ”Tillmann counts, referring to a ruling by the Federal Constitutional Court in May regarding possible double taxation of pensions.

Antje Tillmann (CDU), the financial policy spokeswoman for the CDU / CSU parliamentary group

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Furthermore, Tillmann states: “Almost at the same time, the Federal Constitutional Court ruled on July 8th that the fictitious interest rate of 6 percent for tax refund interest is far from reality.” The CDU and CSU would therefore have already opted for an interest rate of three percent pronounced. Finally, the financial policy spokeswoman for the Union parliamentary group points out in the press release that a ruling on the interest on pension provisions is imminent, which could result in annual costs of up to 18 billion euros.

After 16 years in government – Union takes on the role of the opposition

The traffic light parties should therefore not rejoice too early and not plan the expected additional income in the federal government, so the tenor of the press release of the Union. The faction of the CDU and CSU thus seems to be assuming its likely role as an opposition party even before the formation of a government.

After 16 years in government under Chancellor Angela Merkel, the Union will most likely have to step into the opposition in the coming legislative period. With 197 MPs, the CDU and CSU are by far the largest faction of the opposition parties. Group leader Ralph Brinkhaus takes over the unofficial office of opposition leader. (fd)

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