Why you should grow a mustache and how to take care of it so that it looks perfect

Although in recent years the mustache has been displaced by the beard, the month of November is a good time to show it off. You will see more mustaches than ever on the street, on the networks … and all for a good cause. For almost 20 years it has been Movember, a name that comes from the contraction of mustache (mustache in English) and november (November), and that refers to a movement born in Australia, and that currently spreads throughout the world. Behind Movember, which is being joined by more and more celebrities, is a foundation that raises funds and drives awareness and commitment on three men’s health problems: prostate cancer, testicular cancer and mental health.

According to data from the Movember Foundation, in Europe, the prostate cancer is the second most common among men and that of testicles, the most common among men between 15 and 44 years old. Also, 3 out of 4 people who commit suicide are men. The Movember Foundation seeks to raise funds to finance research projects related to men’s health, and make men aware of the importance of taking care of themselves, getting medical check-ups, and talking about their health. Just as October is Women’s Health Month, November becomes Men’s Health Month.

The mustache, the protagonist of your face and a form of awareness

Movember has chosen the mustachesymbol of masculinity for promote men’s health. The objective is that you grow your mustache during the month of November, so that your face generates conversations, thus helping to publicize this good cause. You can participate too Raising funds for the foundation (on its website you will find various ideas) or supporting any of the brands that have joined the movement, such as Gillette that, through the sale of razors and spare parts, will allocate part of its proceeds to Movember.

Javier Bardem wore a mustache at the last San Sebastián film festival.
Javier Bardem wore a mustache at the last San Sebastián film festival. – Gtres

At the time of choose your mustache, take into account, above all, two aspects: the shape of your face and if you have a lot or little facial hair. Although in general, the mustache works best on long, angular faces, there is always a style that is appropriate for everyone. Alex Cantó, from the El Señorito Barber Shop salon, recommends «for round faces, a Freddy Mercur style mustacheand, populated and straight; for oval faces, one pencil, since it brings breadth to the face (similar to that of the actor from the ‘Elite’ series Omar Ayuso); if you have a long face, an English mustache, the most common, usually looks very good; and for angular faces the horseshoe mustache, U-shaped upside down ‘. From the David Künzle lounge advise «a Pencil or English mustache, for men with little facial hair, and a horseshoe, walrus, imperial or chevron mustache for those with abundant facial hair.

How to take care of the mustache?

Javier Rey is another celebrity who has joined the mustache trend.
Javier Rey is another celebrity who has joined the mustache trend. – Gtres

To show off a mustache you just have to stop shaving and go to a barber shop, after a few days. There they will be able to advise you on the best mustache for you and they will give you the appropriate form. Later, at home, you will only have to maintain that shape by trimming it, from time to time. Use sharp scissors and always cut dry.

In addition, it is essential to maintain a good daily hygieneFor this, Alex Cantó advises «to use specific products such as styling cleaners, oils, or waxes. This type of hair is very thick and needs an appropriate pH to make it look ten ”. Oil helps hydrate hair to make it softer, while wax is essential to keep unruly hairs at bay and give your mustache a perfect finish. In barbershops, they also offer various treatments that will help you make your mustache look better.

Do you dare to change your look and join the mustache trend this November for a good cause?

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