Curfews: Schallenberg whistles back Mückstein

The trigger was Mückstein’s announcement that it would be sharpened with “night exit restrictions” if an evaluation on Wednesday should show that the 2G regulation, which has been in force for ten days, had not had the desired effect.

“We want to bring the unvaccinated to the vaccination and not lock up the vaccinated,” countered Schallenberg on ORF. The Chancellor referred to the “dramatic step” that had just been introduced, which affected two million people. A re-sharpening cannot be ruled out that “we are going to the night restaurant again, I do not see that at the moment,” said the Chancellor.

Video: Further tightening: government disagreed

There is confusion about a new Corona date announced by Mückstein for tomorrow, at which “I want to discuss these and other measures,” said the minister. Schallenberg said: “No summit is planned”. And towards Mückstein: “I want us as a government to speak with one voice.” Unlike many experts, the Chancellor was optimistic that the measures would work. he pointed to “almost half a million” vaccinations in the previous week.

At the Corona summit talks last Sunday, country representatives reported tensions between Schallenberg and Mückstein. Tourism Minister Elisabeth Köstinger (VP) told the latter on the sidelines of an appointment in Brussels that she was “absolutely against general exit restrictions” and “absolutely nothing” of his statements. Tyrolean governor Günther Platter (VP), currently chairman of the LH conference, called on Mückstein to “put an end to the confusion”. After all, steps have only just been taken together.

Not a total lockdown

If the infection situation persists, will the government consider a general lockdown? At least with regard to this strictest measure, there should be agreement. Neither Schallenberg nor Mückstein publicly toyed with this idea. Only the Styrian governor Hermann Schützenhöfer (VP) did not want to rule out the lockdown yesterday.

Even with a night curfew, Neos club vice-president Nikolaus Scherak would call the constitutional court. If, despite vaccinations and regular testing, one is subjected to measures restricting freedom, that is a case for the highest judges.

Mückstein could not expect any help from SP club vice Jörg Leichtfried. Whether for the rights of freedom or the social fabric, for him a curfew would be “a very massive encroachment”. Similar to Schallenberg, the SPÖ is in favor of a stricter FFP2 mask requirement, forced home office or 2G-Plus at certain meetings. With Carinthia and Lower Austria, two federal states have already announced the expansion of the FFP2 mask requirement to almost all areas of life. (luc)

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