“Essential” help – SPÖ wants to extend hardship funds

The SPÖ wants to apply for an extension of various aids from the hardship fund in the coming plenary session. These are running out, in the upcoming budget payments for the hardship fund are budgeted 700 million lower than this year. This is exactly the kind of help with which small companies and sole proprietorships can make ends meet, said deputy SPÖ club boss Jörg Leichtfried on Monday.

“We also have a pandemic problem with the budget,” said Leichtfried. The turquoise-green government is pretending that this is over and is letting the support from the hardship fund “expire without replacement”. However, these are “essential” for small and medium-sized companies. In general, the SPÖ did not leave a good hair on the budget: Finance spokesman Jan Krainer criticized, for example, the lack of measures to counteract the rise in energy prices or the impending “emergency” in care. Only corporations can look forward to higher profits in the future, Krainer once again criticized the planned reduction in corporate income tax. The SPÖ will therefore “never be able to agree” to the budget. NEOS are vigorously criticizing the budget. This is how it is with the NEOS. Club vice-president Nikolaus Scherak said on Monday morning: “The worst of both worlds can be seen in this budget.” The next generation is being forgotten and the government is not considering how the country can become competitive and how the citizens should be relieved. Once again he insisted on the abolition of cold progression. The climate measures, in turn, are at best a drop in the ocean. When it comes to fighting the pandemic, Krainer attests the ÖVP’s inaction: “The only thing the ÖVP is currently concerned about is the comeback of former Chancellor Sebastian Kurz,” emphasized Krainer: “Otherwise there is no activities on the part of the ÖVP ”. Krainer expects Kurz to be extradited on Thursday evening. The immunity committee meets on Tuesday. “His escape route to immunity is over,” said Krainer, who also hopes for talks with the ÖVP on the U Committee. Whether this can be launched this week depends solely on the turquoise. If the ÖVP gives in, clarification work can begin immediately, and if the ÖVP continues to torpedo the U-Committee, it will not be launched until the December plenary, Krainer said.


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