No lockdown for everyone – Schallenberg: “Don’t lock up the vaccinated”

Day 630 of the pandemic and Corona continues to determine our lives. The unvaccinated are already in lockdown, further tightening is in the room. Federal Chancellor Alexander Schallenberg (ÖVP) nevertheless emphasized on Monday evening in a “ZiB Special” that there would be no exit restrictions for vaccinated people. “Vaccinated people who have done everything right will not be asked to go into a lockdown out of solidarity,” said the Chancellor. He wants to continue to focus on increasing the vaccination rate.

The decision to send the unvaccinated into lockdown was not made easy, the Chancellor said. And one is convinced that the measures already taken, such as 3G at work and 2G in leisure time, will have an effect. The contact restrictions of the 35 percent unvaccinated would also achieve the desired effect: “I think we should be a little more confident.” : “We know that in a crisis situation it is important to speak a common language, that’s what I stand for.” The current measures were decided together with the coalition partner and discussed with experts. “It is his right that the Minister of Health put various measures on the table in the discussions, the sense of which is still an open question. But that’s not the decision, ”said Schallenberg. And he made it clear that a discussion like this was“ actually the wrong one. The only way to finally put this ghost behind us is to increase the vaccination rate. Otherwise we will not be able to break this vicious cycle of virus wave – lockdown. “He himself does not currently want to” speculate about further measures, “said Schallenberg. “If others do that, that’s their business. I’m not doing that. ”The Chancellor doesn’t know anything about the Wednesday summit. Schallenberg emphasized that he had a good basis for discussions with the Minister of Health,“ who is of course currently in great demand ”. But he also expects “that we as the federal government act together, that is the goal”. According to the Chancellor, he did not know anything about another summit on Wednesday, as announced by Mückstein. Schallenberg, who had only been Chancellor of Sebastian Kurz since October 11, responded to the allegations that the government had reacted too late took over, rather reluctantly. “In a crisis, you can never say that you are doing everything right. But of course we made an effort in coordination with the experts. ”In addition, it was hoped that the vaccination rate would increase in the summer:“ I am very sorry that we did not succeed in getting people to do so. ” Schallenberg still wishes well for one of the loudest critics of the vaccination – FPÖ boss Herbert Kickl, who is currently suffering from Covid-19. He wished Kickl and his family “a speedy recovery and a mild course of the disease,” said the Chancellor.

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