Police – Police are already controlling the lockdown for unvaccinated people

The lockdown for those people who have neither been vaccinated nor recovered has been in force in Austria since Monday. This is checked by the police throughout Austria, both in their own areas of focus and in the normal patrol duty. A 2G check is now carried out here for every official act.

The deputy general director for public safety, Reinhard Schnakl, explained on Monday that the police are working closely with the health authorities and coordinating where priority checks are carried out together. The vaccination rate is particularly low in individual communities. In the Tyrol in Spiss and Jungholz or in the Carinthian Mölltal in Stall, it is around 36 percent, in the Mölltalter communities Mörtschach and Rangersdorf only 42 and just under 44 percent of the population have a valid vaccination certificate. Schnakl said, where exactly the main police checks are carried out will be coordinated with the locally responsible health authorities. These could also instruct the state police departments to carry out inspections in individual municipalities.

Every person in Austria must participate in the controls and show proof. At least two patrols per district are assigned to monitor the measures, in addition, the standby units, in cooperation with the state criminal police offices, will focus on the controls in the federal states. 2G is checked for every official act – with the “GreenCheck” app and a comparison of the photo ID. “Everyone who has not been vaccinated must be able to demonstrate that they have a reason to go out,” said Schnakl. Those who cannot do this will either receive a report or a mandate to the amount of 90 euros will be issued. The range of penalties for violations of exit restrictions or failure to participate in controls extends up to 1,450 euros. Customers who do not adhere to the 2G rule have to pay a fine of up to 500 euros, as do employees who violate the 3G rule at work. Incidentally, people who have not been vaccinated may also take part in demonstrations. Here you have to keep more distance and wear a mask.

Stricter rules in Vienna

The additional tightening of corona measures announced in Vienna will come into force at the end of this week. Mayor Michael Ludwig (SPÖ) announced this on Monday. Part of the package is, for example, the 2Gplus regulation. In Vienna, for example, night-time restaurants and events with 25 or more people may only be visited if vaccinated or recovered people also present a PCR test result.

Lawyers are currently working on the ordinance, which will be based on that issued by the federal government, as Ludwig reported. It is not yet clear when the package of measures will come into effect. According to reports, this could be done on Thursday. In the future, 2Gplus will be available for larger events in the sports and cultural sector.

In Vienna, the FFP2 mask requirement is also being extended to all non-private indoor spaces. In gastronomy, too, guests have to take up their masks again when they go to the seat or to the toilet. This applies generally to staff – including those in retail and at body-friendly service providers.

And the third stitch has been offered earlier since the weekend. You can pick it up in Vienna just four months after the second vaccination – and not after six months, as is the case with Pfizer. (apa)


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