After Covid infection – Kickl in quarantine: “Hope the progress remains mild”

FPÖ boss Herbert Kickl has tested positive for the corona virus, as he announced on Facebook on Monday. He spoke in a video on Tuesday morning. He has no fever and “thank God a mild course”, he hopes that it will stay that way. He was also delighted with the many wells he and his family would receive.

One of the bitterest opponents of the corona measures is now sitting at home sick himself: Herbert Kickl, often walking in large crowds without a mask, has “mild symptoms” and, according to his own statements, “no fever”. Despite mild symptoms, his health remains “still good” “That is why he continues to do business as party and club chairman even during the quarantine from home. “I’m looking forward to being with you again soon and fighting with you side by side against this turquoise-green coercive regime,” said Kickl in a comment on his video. He feels he cannot participate in this week’s parliamentary sessions by his deputies Dagmar Belakowitsch, Susanne Fürst, Peter Wurm, Hannes Amesbauer and Erwin Angerer, however, “dignified”. The Freedom had gone into fourteen-day quarantine on Monday after he had previously learned of his positive PCR test from the health authorities against corona measures The FPÖ chairman had always spoken out strongly against the corona measures of the federal government, sided with those who opposed the vaccination and also questioned the effectiveness and safety of the vaccination. Despite his infection, he continues to stick to his points of view.

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