Belarra and Montero rule out going to the Commons event despite being “very invited” with Díaz and Colau




The Secretary General of Podemos and Minister of Social Rights, Ione Belarra, will not attend the Commons ceremony next Sunday to be held in Barcelona despite being “very invited.” At first, he had confirmed his attendance. But he has already transferred his colleagues from the parliamentary group that a “personal matter” It will prevent you from participating, as sources from the Ministry of Social Rights explain to ABC. Belarra will send a video to express her support.

The event will feature face-to-face speeches from Yolanda Diaz, Second Vice President of the Government, Monica Oltra, vice president of the Valencian Community; Jessica Albiach, president of the En Comú Podem parliamentary group in Parliament; Ada Colau, Mayor of Barcelona, ​​and Alberto Garzon, the Minister of Consumption and leader of IU.

“We have no problems, we invite everyone,” suggested yesterday an influential voice of the commons in Congress, confirming that More Madrid has also been invited.

All but Garzón were present at the ‘Other Policies’ event in Valencia, last Sunday, which is already considered an embryo of the unitary candidacy that the second vice president wants to build for the next electoral cycle. Podemos was not invited there. The distancing with the party is the strategy to favor the approach to other formations such as Más Madrid or sectors of Compromís, because a high protagonist of the purple ones makes it uncomfortable.

We can understand that they must support Díaz in the construction of his project because there is no alternative to grow, but they see their influence diminishing as these plans advance. Small details reveal the state of affairs within. The discomfort is increasing little by little. In recent hours, the former vice president and former leader of Podemos, Pablo Iglesias, has publicly pressured not to marginalize the party or its leaders.

The Minister of Equality and number two of the purple party, Irene Montero, has also ruled out attending the commons event for the same reasons of incompatibility of the agenda. Will be Lilith Verstrynge, Secretary of Organization of Belarra’s training, who will attend the meeting on behalf of Podemos. “There will be more events, nothing happens, there will be many more,” sources from Podemos in the corridors of Congress tempered yesterday.

In Podemos they try to downplay the absence of Belarra and Montero to the act of the commons, but in the parliamentary group the runrún is inevitable after the malaise that arose last weekend with the act of Valencia in which Podemos was not invited . The lack of public support and proactivity to greet this meeting they are revealing that it causes.

The spokeswoman for the commons in Congress, Aina Vidal, confirmed this morning that invitation to the two leaders of Podemos. “Another thing is that their agendas can allow it,” he said. The event will take place at the Montjuic Technician Training School (EFTEM), Barcelona, ​​at 12 noon next Sunday.

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