Belarus crisis: what is Putind planning? Russian troops are forming on the border with Ukraine

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NATO observes unusual troop movements by Russia on the border with Ukraine. President Vladimir Putin weighs it down.

Moscow / Brussels – Russian President Vladimir Putin * keeps Eastern Europe and NATO on their toes. Once more. The transatlantic defense alliance NATO has now observed a renewed deployment of Russian forces not far from the border with Ukraine *. Ironically, in the middle of the dramatic conflict over directed migration movements from Belarus to Poland.

Vladimir Putin: Russia offers help over Alexander Lukashenko and Belarus

“Large and unusual” troop concentrations have been seen near the borders in recent weeks, General Secretary Jens Stoltenberg said on Monday (November 15) on the sidelines of a meeting with the Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba in Brussels. They are similar to the parade that took place in the first half of the year, Stoltenberg explained. Any further provocation or aggressive action by Russia would be worrying, warned the Norwegian. NATO is monitoring the situation very closely.

On the question of whether the military alliance expected Moscow to want to further destabilize Ukraine, the NATO Secretary General said: Russia had already demonstrated that it had the will and in the annexation of the Ukrainian peninsula of Crimea and the support of the separatists in the eastern Ukrainian Donbass region have the skills to use military force. Nobody should speculate too much, but the expansion of the military presence is a fact and unusual.

In the video: SPD man Olaf Scholz – proceed with “all severity” against the Lukashenko regime

Kuleba called for close coordination to deter Russia. Whatever the price of deterrent, the price of a new conflict will be higher. In view of the accusations that have been raised repeatedly for weeks, Russia had emphasized that it could move troops on its territory at its own discretion. In March, a large Russian troop deployment with thousands of soldiers, naval ships and air force planes along the border with Ukraine caused an international stir.

At the time, Moscow referred to alleged military maneuvers. Putin said he was not interested in the situation in the Black Sea region getting worse. That is why, for example, he rejected the proposal of his defense ministry to hold military exercises there in response to NATO activities, Putin said in an interview with the broadcaster Russia-1.

Troop deployment of Russia on the border with Ukraine – Vladimir Putin decelerates

“I should say that our Department of Defense suggested that we hold our own exercises in these waters. But I think that would be pointless and there is no reason to further increase the tension there, ”said the 69-year-old. Russia will limit itself to escorting NATO military aircraft and ships. At the same time, Putin criticized allegedly unplanned exercises by the USA * and NATO in the Black Sea: “This is a serious challenge for us.”

Putin last offered help in the dispute with Belarus after a phone call with the Executive Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU). Moscow is ready to contribute “in any way possible” to a solution, Putin said on Sunday (November 14) in an interview with Russian state television. Conversely, critics accuse the Russian head of government of protecting Lukashenko. (pm) * is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA

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