Carmen Posadas: The cannibal gene

Own and strangers observe (the first with stupor, the second rubbing their hands and / or cracked with laughter) the fratricidal war unleashed in the PP by the party’s presidency in Madrid. That in political formations there is an anthropophagous gene by which at a given moment its members begin to eat each other is a phenomenon worthy of study. In totalitarian regimes, for example, the cannibal gene works (almost) literally. To end the threat posed to his plans by the left wing of his party, in July 1934 Hitler took advantage of a meeting of the so-called brown shirts under Ernst Röhm to kill them all. In person, pistol in hand, he broke into

the Hotel Hanselbauer in which Röhm and his men celebrated a days of brotherhood. Some died on the spot and others days later in jail. The episode is now known as ‘The Night of the Long Knives’.

No less sharp and unscrupulous was the operation launched by Joseph Stalin with the aim of cleaning up his party. After achieving the exile of his greatest competitor, Leon Trotsky, he resorted to the old and always infallible stratagem of the external enemy to brand all those who could overshadow him as Trotskyists and traitors. Following the never-clear death of another rival more popular than himself, Sergei Kirov, Stalin unleashed a witch hunt. It is estimated that hundreds of thousands of members of the Soviet Communist Party, as well as socialists and anarchists, were persecuted, tried and in many cases executed by Comrade Stalin. Only in the Central Committee, of one hundred and thirty-nine members eliminated ninety-eight. The purge included friends, associates, and more than one close relative. Without going to such brutal extremes, the cannibal gene works the same in civilized and democratic countries as in the United States, for example. Shortly after leaving the White House, Donald Trump began to launch a tenacious undercover effort whose objective is, with a view to the next elections, to ensure that no one is left in relevant positions who dares to question his theory of that the 2020 elections were fraudulent and Joe Biden therefore an illegitimate president who stole the just victory from the Republicans. In democratic Spain, the cannibal gene was released with UCD in the seventies of the last century, and a splendid attempt by a moderate centrist party, which had managed to bring together people of great value, died early. This was taken care of by the friendly fire of what were then called political families: liberals, Christian democrats, social democrats, regional parties, and so on. All with very noble intentions, naturally.

In more recent times, this cannibalistic gene has taken care to erase from the map with the infallible system of ‘they all killed her and she died alone’, the founding fathers (and mothers) of what, before its nominal feminization, it was called Unidos Podemos. What happened to Carolina Bescansa, Luis Alegre, Tania Sánchez or even Juan Carlos Monedero, who is still around ‘corpore insepulto’? Why did Íñigo Errejón emigrate to warmer acronyms, while Pablo Iglesias chose to embark on the Titanic of the elections to the Community of Madrid?

And with this we come to the case of the Popular Party and its Almeida-Ayuso struggle to see who presides over the PP in Madrid. Before talking about them, it should be noted that the cannibal gene is not new in this game. Even in its boom years, cannibalism was the order of the day, let them tell if not Cristina Cifuentes. That is not to mention how, in the purest Agatha Christie style in ‘Los ten negritos’, they fell for various reasons, but in several cases also due to friendly fire, such outstanding props of this party as Alberto Ruiz-Gallardón, Soraya Sainz from Santamaría, María Dolores de Cospedal or Esperanza Aguirre. Having said all this, and despite the fact that the phenomenon is not new in the PP, the fratricidal war to preside over the Community of Madrid is a challenge to intelligence, an outrage to reason. See if not: when they have all the polls in their favor; When Sánchez’s trickery and tricks begin to take their toll on him, what do they do? Shooting yourself in the foot. For any reasonable person this cannibalistic desire is incomprehensible. But reason and politics are oxymorons today. Or, to be more exact, political parties have reasons that reason ignores. Reasons that obviously do not even confess to themselves, because they are related to ‘take off yourself to put me on’ or with ‘the one who moves does not appear in the photo’. A pity, because the danger of these small pettiness is that, except in the aforementioned cases of totalitarian and anti-democratic regimes, the first victim of the cannibal gene is the political formation itself. And not only she, by extension also the voters who watch in amazement how, a party that could ensure alternation, decides to play against their interests. Konrad Adenauer used to say that in this life there are enemies, mortal enemies and fellow party members. Pío Cabanillas, by the way one of the promoters of the PP, explained the cannibal gene in a funnier and equally accurate way saying that of “Body to earth, ours are coming!” Possibly it would not hurt his political descendants to recall his prophetic words now. Not only for his sake but for everyone’s.


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