Chiles denounces that her coach called her ‘fat’



Since the Tokyo Olympics ended, American gymnastics has lived in constant scandal. First, the legendary Simone Biles denounced that in the past she had suffered sexual abuse and now, Jordan Chiles, her teammate and close friend, has commented in a documentary series (‘Peace Of Mind With Taraji’) that a technician verbally handcuffed her for years in relation to her physical condition. «I had a coach who abused me verbally. He called me ‘fat’, said she looked like a lady. It was very hard for me ”, declared the gymnast.

As she herself recounted, she received these attacks at a very young age and for years, which inevitably produced her eating disorders and numerous self-esteem issues.

Chiles, who is 20 years old today, knew that these comments were excessive and unrealistic, but, nevertheless, she admitted that she was forced to modify her habits to satisfy her current coaches and be able to continue dreaming of reaching the elite.

After this major problem, the professional athlete went a long way with several sports psychologists to regain optimal mental health. Now, years after the abuse, the young woman has seen herself with enough fortitude to express it publicly. In addition, as the young woman confessed, by openly recounting her experience, she pursues the objective of trying to help those who may have suffered (or are suffering) a similar situation.

Another aspect that the gymnast dealt with in the documentary was the racism, an endemic scourge in his country for centuries that has not yet been completely eradicated. «I always thought that race was something that could influence gymnastics. For example, I have a little more butt and other gymnasts may not. And just for this aspect I cannot be in a perfect position and they can take points away from me … I wish it was not judged only by having one body type. That’s where racism and politics come in, “denounced the athlete. Through this message, Chiles tried to show that not all bodies are the same and that having a different physiognomy does not mean suffering from weight problems, as it precisely happened in his case.

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