Comeback in Wiesbaden: Uwe Becker becomes State Secretary

Uwe Becker (CDU) has never made a secret of the fact that he is drawn back into politics in the past few months. After being voted out of office as city treasurer and mayor of Frankfurt in late summer, he was still present in Wiesbaden as the Hessian anti-Semitism commissioner – with his own office in the state chancellery. Becker is networked in the state capital and has not let the contacts with Prime Minister Volker Bouffier (CDU) tear off, with success: He is now to be the successor to the previous European Secretary of State Mark Weinmeister, who will move to Kassel next year as President of the Government. The State Chancellery in Wiesbaden announced this on Tuesday. Bouffier wants to propose Becker to the cabinet next Monday.

“I’m very happy,” said the 52-year-old from Frankfurt on Tuesday afternoon, “and I’m grateful to the Prime Minister”. Bouffier knew “that I was drawn back into politics”. Becker described his new job as State Secretary for European Affairs as “particularly attractive”, especially since the European perspective is important for Hesse, for the financial center, the business location and as a transport hub with Frankfurt Airport. Becker will continue to hold the office of anti-Semitism officer.

Frankfurt politics co-determined for around 30 years

The banker and former HR officer at the Sparkasse, who was born in Bad Homburg and now lives with his family in Nieder-Eschbach, is considered down-to-earth and reliable. He is close to the socio-political left wing of the CDU, which last had to give way within the district association. In Frankfurt he had a say in local politics for around 30 years, in 1995 he was elected to the city council and later chairman of the parliamentary group. His long tenure as a full-time city councilor and head of department in the magistrate has shown that he can manage an authority, only from 2006 for the social department, later as treasurer for the budget and investments.

As head of the budget department, Becker fought more than once against the image of the dry paymaster. The new office will accommodate him: As Secretary of State for Europe, networking in Brussels, Strasbourg and Berlin is part of everyday life.

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