Corona situation in Germany escalates: For Jens Spahn, the guilty parties are certain

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Why did Germany slide into an awkward corona situation again? Jens Spahn criticizes an allegedly poor implementation of the 3G rule – and unvaccinated people.

Munich / Berlin – Why did Germany slide so unchecked into the fourth wave of the coronavirus pandemic? * Before the Corona summit (November 18) between the traffic light coalition in the federal government and the prime ministers of the federal states * it is difficult to identify who is Bears responsibility for it.

The acting Federal Minister of Health Jens Spahn (CDU) * faced precisely this responsibility on this Monday evening (November 15).

Fourth corona wave in Germany: Jens Spahn sees responsibility with citizens and those who have not been vaccinated

That was how Spahn stood in today’s Journal of the ZDF question and answer. “We finally have a week to decide. Starting today, the citizen tests are free again. On Thursday the Bundestag will decide on the future legal basis. And finally there is the Prime Minister’s Conference of the federal and state governments, “said the 41-year-old from Münster in front of an audience of millions on the public broadcaster:” This week the necessary decisions will finally be made. “

We still have 16 to 17 million unvaccinated adults.

Jens Spahn (CDU)

Measures had already been agreed in the summer, said Spahn. These were the AHA rules in buses and trains and in retail, as well as 3G (against Corona vaccinated, recovered or tested, d. Red.) * when visiting a restaurant or at events. Spahn warned. “The truth is: 3G was 0G too many times. It wasn’t really controlled. And so, and we can see that today, it could not make the decisive difference in recognizing and avoiding infections, ”he said with a view to checking vaccination records in restaurants, for example. “One thing is the rules that you give yourself. The other is the control of compliance. We obviously need more of both, ”said the (still) head of department from Berlin. And made himself responsible.

Fourth corona wave in Germany: Jens Spahn criticizes unvaccinated people

“Obviously I should have been a pain in the ass earlier, in a positive way. Namely, having to point out what awaits us in autumn and winter with the large number of unvaccinated people. We still have 16 to 17 million unvaccinated adults in Germany, ”said Spahn on ZDF.

“The workload in the intensive care units, the great pressure that we have in some regions in Germany, is caused by the large number of unvaccinated people,” said the CDU * politician: “We have pointed this out again and again. But I also say self-critically: We should have made that even clearer. “

In the video: Alarming corona situation – new rules in Bavaria

Spahn tried – despite exploding corona infections in Germany – to spread confidence. “All countries are reactivating their vaccination centers,” said the (still) Federal Minister of Health. Mobile teams are in the nursing homes to offer booster vaccinations, he said and referred to a study from Israel: “Booster vaccinations for every six months after the second vaccination * help to break this wave.”

On top of that. Spahn also had expectations of the upcoming Corona summit. “The federal and state governments must finally define uniform rules again,” he said and demanded: “From my point of view, we need 2G nationwide.” (pm) * is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA

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