Critics want Jácome to give up his salary for “incompatibility”




Days after the controversial dismissal of all the advisers in the Orense City Council, by decree of the mayor, Gonzalo Pérez Jácome, the council is once again at a new crossroads in political and economic matters. The critical councilors want the mayor to renounce his salary, of more than 70,000 euros per year, due to incompatibility. The reason is none other than the businesses that Jácome maintains on his Auria TV television, which he owns, with which, according to the non-attached councilors and currently in the ranks of the Democratic Center Coalition, he would have pocketed the amount of «260,000 euros in the year 2020 ».

With his television, the regidor began to become popular more than a decade ago in the third city of Galicia, for being a key instrument in the dissemination of the political party.

Since then, television has always been in the eye of the hurricane, with criticism for the opaque management of the party and the fate of the funds.

Jácome has made no secret of the fact that he directs television and even It has recognized that part of the money from the municipal group and the Democracia Ourensana party is destined for its television channel. There is no evidence that it has contracted personnel, which means that the bulk of the deductible expenses is for the rental of the television license.

The critical councilors -who have joined the ranks of the Democratic Center Coalition- They accuse Jácome of having pocketed 260,000 euros for his television in 2020 and they have already announced that they will take a full motion to demand that they stop receiving their salary for being “incompatible” with continuing to invoice in their company. Specifically, the new party that brings together three former councilors and advisers, seeks its first majority in the plenary session, in case of adding the support of the nine councilors of the PSOE and the two of the BNG -in addition to the other non-attached- Miguel Caride.

Critics state that the salary “is clearly incompatible” with his professional activity, which is why they ask him to reimburse all amounts “unduly collected for his municipal remuneration”, including contributions to Social Security.

The municipal regulation recognizes “the express incompatibility” of the members of the corporation to receive money for the accomplishment of lucrative work, except for the exceptions provided for in current legislation, according to Law 53/1984 of December 26, on incompatibilities of personnel at the service of public administrations.

This movement occurs a week after the controversial dismissal of all political advisers, except those of the government group, PP and Democracia Ourensana. Then, PSOE and BNG criticized this decision by Jácome, which they attributed to “a political revenge” for not supporting the increase in economic rewards to municipal groups, with cases of transfuguismo.

Jácome, for his part, justified the dismissals by understanding that both parties broke “the gentlemen’s agreement” by not supporting the retributions. In fact, PSOE and BNG planted the mayor this morning at the meeting scheduled to address the increase in amounts to municipal groups, amid criticisms of Jácome, who advanced that the government “will occupy the positions of eventuals that we consider” as long as these parties “do not want to negotiate.”

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