Dahmen wants faster booster vaccinations just four months after the basic vaccination

The Green health politician Janosch Dahmen is in favor of faster booster vaccinations

Berlin – Instead of the previously recommended six months, they should be administered four months after the basic immunization, said Dahmen on Tuesday of the online edition of the Berlin “Tagesspiegel”. The goal must be to achieve a million vaccinations a day.

It is not sensible and counterproductive if citizens are turned away at state vaccination centers because the six months have not yet been fully reached. According to the information, Dahmen supported employer President Rainer Dulger’s demand that the six-month deadline should no longer be strictly adhered to in the fight against breakthroughs in vaccinations and many new infections, even among vaccinated people. Dahmen said: “We need political pragmatism now.”

The booster vaccinations are considered a central measure to contain the persistently high number of corona infections, because the vaccination protection decreases significantly after a while, especially in the case of older people. Recently, however, significantly fewer people had received the booster than would actually be possible after the six-month period.



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