Díaz will reinforce the Labor Inspection with big data and Artificial Intelligence to fight against fraud




The Government has approved this Tuesday the Strategic Plan of the Labor Inspection and Social Security 2021-2023 to modernize the Labor Inspection, with which it intends to strengthen the fight against fraud. For this, as reported by ABC, the Executive wants to incorporate the use of ‘big data’ and technology.

The Second Vice President and Minister of Labor Yolanda Díaz has shown her confidence that this plan will be “One of the great tools for transforming the labor relations model” in Spain and change “the paradigm of the Labor Inspection”, as he said this Tuesday at the press conference after the Council of Ministers. “With this approach and this strategy, we anticipate any possibility of massive fraud that may exist in the labor market.

We do not repair, but we anticipate, “he added.

Office Against Discrimination

The plan presented this Tuesday by the minister seeks, in the first place, strengthen the institution to fight against precariousness and labor fraud. To do this, the State Office for the Fight Against Discrimination will be created to combat discrimination of any kind in a real and effective way. This office will require «New profiles and specific personnel» acting from “the beginning to the end of the professional career”.

In addition, it will be launched a special Unit focused on the Fight Against Fraud in Transnational Labor. Their work will focus on the detection of ‘mailbox companies’, those that have no real activity in the country of origin, in this case Spain, but that operate in other countries of the European Union, or vice versa. Díaz has alluded to the specific case of the cooperation with the French Government in campaigns related to agriculture, but it intends to be extended to the framework of the EU, Latin America and the International Labor Organization.

In this new stage, the Labor Inspection will also have the impulse of technology, the ‘big data’ and Artificial Intelligence, which will also require the training and incorporation of profiles adapted to new situations such as greater labor mobility, work on digital platforms, electronic commerce, global supply chains or new working conditions.

With this plan, the Labor Inspectorate will see strengthened its competences in the intervention of collective dismissals, the suspension of contracts or intervention when there are non-applications of collective agreements. These new tasks of the ITSS will force a review of all regulations to adapt them to digital environments and regulatory gaps.

In this attempt for digitization, the Inspection will promote among citizens the delivery of documentation in electronic format and the unification of the complaint channels by electronic referral, without prejudice to the maintenance of the ITSS Mailbox. From the Ministry of Labor they have recalled that the budget of the Labor and Social Security Inspection has increased by 20% in 2020 and 2021.

The minister has insisted that It is urgent to reinforce the capacities of the ITSS, diminished from the Government of the Popular Party. «Part of the dismantling of the PP in labor relations not only has to do with cuts (…) but also a very strong cut occurred in the Labor Inspectorate », Diaz has assured. The work of the Inspection has allowed the regularization in the Social Security of 50,191 irregular jobs in the last year, as well as the transformation into permanent contracts of 280,565 irregular temporary contracts.

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