Dispute with AfD man escalates: activist threatens 40 days in prison

In a dispute with the AfD politician Winhart, the activist Enissa Amani faces jail time. She fought against a hate speech by the politician.

Cologne – The AfD politician Andreas Winhart expressed himself racist in a campaign speech in Bad Aibling in 2018. The artist and activist Enissa Amani then published a video in which she denounced the politician’s hate speech and deliberately insulted him. The dispute escalated and Amani is facing jail time.

Dispute with AfD man: Enissa Amani refuses to pay a fine, she is now threatened with prison

The AfD politician Andreas Winhart had insulted foreigners and refugees in a campaign speech in 2018 and presented certain groups of people as thieves, which caused national outrage. Thereupon several criminal charges were received for sedition against the politician, but Winhart went unpunished. According to the public prosecutor’s office, the statements were covered by freedom of expression: “According to this, statements in the political battle of opinion enjoy special protection. In this respect, there is the right to polemical escalation and conscious provocation. In the case of ambiguous statements, an unpunished meaning of the statement must be comprehensibly ruled out ”, so the reasoning.

From Enissa Amani’s point of view, a scandal. She insulted the AfD politician in an Instagram video in 2019 as a “bastard” and an “idiot”. Not because they think insults are okay. She is of the opinion that she should definitely pay for it. Rather, she deliberately insulted him “to focus on it,” said the activist. Thereupon Winhart again filed a complaint against the moderator and was successful. Amani is now supposed to pay a fine of 1,800 euros. As a matter of principle, she will not pay, regardless of whether it is “5 cents or 5000 euros,” she said in an Instagram video on Monday. For this, the moderator accepts a prison sentence. She is now facing up to 40 days in prison.

Enissa Amani: “It is wrong that he gets away with it!”

The artist and activist Enissa Amani has repeatedly campaigned against racism. Most recently she received a Grimme Prize for her self-produced program “The Best Instance”. This was an answer to the controversial one WDR– Show “The last instance”, in which only white people discussed the issue of racism.

The fact that she did not pay the fine to the AfD politician was a conscious decision to draw attention to the issue. She cannot understand that a person who insults others only because of their origin would not be punished, according to Amani. “It is wrong that he gets away with impunity.” Because that suggests that the law protects these statements. If the AfD politician only had to pay 100 euros for his testimony, she would also pay, according to Enissa Amani. But only then.

General expressions such as idiot can be punished as an insult, according to Amani, the “N-word” on the other hand “is still not punishable in Germany.” It is different in the USA. At the end of the Instagram video on Monday, Amani admitted she was scared. Since she wants to keep her word, she is considering accepting the 40-day prison sentence. You are now waiting to see when the public prosecutor’s arrest warrant will be issued.


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