Editorial ABC: An ideological pardon



The partial pardon granted by the Government to Juana Rivas, sentenced in 2018 to two years and six months in prison for the abduction of her two minor children, is a measure of grace that, in terms coined at the time by Rodríguez Zapatero, is disputed and debatable. In the eyes of public opinion, and thanks to an emotional scaffolding built by the left in his defense, Rivas became an icon of the feminist struggle against what has been called the abusive ‘heteropatriarchy’ of a father who was quickly stripped him of his rights. Juana Rivas was soon portrayed as a victim of the system to which an allegedly abusive ex-husband – something never credited – wanted to take her children from her, and she only defended herself from an injustice.

A parallel reality was fabricated based on the presumption that the male was guilty without allowing him any margin of legitimate defense before public opinion.

It was all a fraud, but the machinery was already in place when Rivas denounced his partner. His version of events regarding minors was not just sugarcoated. It was uncertain, and it was she who took possession of her children, forcibly robbing her husband of his corresponding share of power. Right away, he was suitably stigmatized. In reality, everything has been a process of ideological perversion of a crime committed by Rivas to the point of making her a martyr, and turning this issue into a dogma of the left, de facto annulling her abduction of minors. Suddenly, Rivas’s was a just cause. Because yes, without nuances. Because she is a woman and a mother, and therefore enjoyed in the eyes of a radicalized feminism a legitimacy and credibility that were systematically denied to the father. After seeing his sentence reduced, the Supreme Court split into two blocks of eight magistrates when debating whether his report on the pardon was favorable or not. Unanimously, the total pardon was denied, but the Government was informed that the internal division was irreversible with respect to the partial pardon. Finally, the foreseeable after the campaign orchestrated in favor of Rivas, La Moncloa has rushed to apply the measure of grace.

What is worrisome is that a certain atmosphere vitiated by the complexes of a doctrinal social engineering, even by an inquisitorial concept of equality, can take over justice, to the point of turning legality and the very concept of punishment for equality into a dead letter. unlawful conduct committed. With this partial pardon, legal as it may be, the law is not protected, but rather a social icon built on a lie. And it is also celebrated by feminism as a triumph over an unjust repression. In a way there is some deconstruction of democracy when one succumbs to the dominant social environment, and when a spiral of silence in the face of political correctness runs through the media or social networks. There is a lot of herd in what happened to Juana Rivas, who has every right to rebuild her life, even with her children if the law so establishes it. But your rights are not above the rights of others. For this reason, conversely, one wonders whether the Council of Ministers would have granted a partial pardon to a man who kidnapped his children. This is not about a pardon for justice, which even Rivas may come to deserve. It goes from a manipulation of social conscience to make people believe that black is white while instilling a feeling of collective guilt for having abused a child abductor.

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