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The former vice president of the Government and former leader of Podemos, Pablo Iglesias, has regretted this Tuesday that the chief executive and secretary general of the PSOE, Pedro Sánchez, now vindicates the figure of Felipe González and has left the Valencia congress with “a nostalgia than they were in the past ‘, while he has criticized his “lack of ambition” to create his “own political project.”

This is how Iglesias has spoken in the cycle ‘Catalonia-Spain: from conflict to dialogue and political negotiation?’ where he has participated with the writer Jose Maria Lassalle. This event, organized by the delegation of the Generalitat of Catalonia in Madrid at the Blanquerna bookstore, was attended, among other political representatives, by the ERC spokesperson in Congress, Gabriel Ruffian, the deputy of EH Bildu Jon Inarritu and the one of En Comú Podem, Gerardo Pisarello.

Criticism of “nostalgia” by González

The former second vice president recalled that the PSOE is one of the actors, together with ERC, who “has to assume again a role as a party in a kind of transition in the Spanish political system“And has encouraged them to do” what they do not want to do “, in his opinion, after the congress of the Socialists in Valencia. «The vindication of the figure of Felipe Gonzalez by Pedro Sánchez reveals a nostalgia and lack of ambition to build his own political project that would be his turn, “he said.

“It worries me. If someone was entitled, even personally, to cut a certain umbilical cord and say ‘let’s do something else’ is Pedro Sánchez“, Has reiterated Iglesias, who has regretted that the head of the Executive has not wanted to” build an alternative power “but” reconcile with what was defenestrated at the time “, referring to the federal committee of the PSOE of 2016 that ended with the resignation of Sánchez.

In this context, the former leader of Podemos has warned the PSOE in case “he continues to dream of a government alone” in which he can reach “major state agreements with the right, peacefully renew the CGPJ, promise the PP that they they will stop governing if they do not introduce Vox into the government, not introduce dangerous reds like United We Can “into the Executive and” not depend on the great questions of State of the pro-independence forces. ” «If you don’t give up that nostalgic dream, they will not be able to reach any port for the role that the voters have given us», Has pointed out.

Bet on 2022 for the general elections

Regarding the date of the next general elections and the duration of the legislature, Iglesias recalled that the elections will be held “At a time that suits the president”, but has warned that it is “unwise” to think that they will be in 2023. “Could be in 2022, Of course yes. We must be prepared so that the call for general elections is at any time, “he said.

According to the former vice president, if there is Government agreement with the PP for the CGPJ and if two magistrates can be appointed to the TC will be “decisive” to know if there will be elections. However, he has warned that it will be “a new extension” to the dialogue table with Catalonia, something that is «unavoidable»Because in our country« there is no consensus regarding the territorial model ». A solution, Iglesias has defended, that expresses the current “correlation of forces” that “crystallizes in the law and implies reforms in the State.”

Likewise, he wanted to focus on the provincial parties that may arise in emptied Spain after the emergence of Teruel Existe, because they have a “Unpredictable political behavior” and it will “add an ingredient of tension to the territorial dialogue of this country.” “There is hardly anyone studying the solutions,” he emphasized.

In this sense, Iglesias has assured that, at the moment, there are “two viable political solutions.” One that passes through a PP government in coalition with Vox which, in his opinion, would imply “A process of democratic involution” that would lead to the “outlawing of formations and would bet on the assault of autonomous powers to respond to the territorial conflict”, and another “more unprecedented” with the PSOE “forced” to agree “with political forces” with whom it did not want to govern. This would happen, he stressed, by “redefining economic policy and the territorial question.”

«Either the dialogue table talks about this or it doesn’t talk about anything“, Has expressed Iglesias, who has said that it will not serve to solve the issue of debate on competences or on investments in” large infrastructures. ” However, he has shown “doubts” with the PSOE to have “the will to assume and lead the reforms that build a different territorial structure” and put “in question the political system of 1978”, with the parliamentary monarchy included.

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