Even without a summit: Mückstein wants to reassess the corona situation tomorrow

For the “2G rule” that came into force on Monday last week, this is Wednesday. Mückstein will consult with experts on this. He never spoke of a summit.

Video: The government continues to argue about the CoV course. Specifically, whether even stricter rules than the currently applicable lockdown for unvaccinated people have to come.

Meanwhile, social organizations want talks about expanding the compulsory vaccination. Mückstein had pleaded on Sunday for night exit restrictions also for vaccinated people and called for a decision for Wednesday. “There will also be night exit restrictions for people who have been vaccinated. This is part of the package of measures that is on the table,” said Micktein on Sunday: “I am expecting a decision on Wednesday.”

The ÖVP immediately rejected this. Chancellor Alexander Schallenberg (ÖVP) also emphasized that there would be no summit on Wednesday. With the “2G rule”, unvaccinated people were excluded from visiting restaurants and leisure facilities even before the “lockdown”. In the government’s step-by-step plan, this corresponded to step 4. The “lockdown for unvaccinated people” that has been in effect since yesterday, is step 5.

His spokeswoman left open which additional measures Mückstein will take if the test should show that the “2G rule” did not have the desired effect. She pointed out that the minister had announced that he would do a lot of persuasion for further measures. Mückstein will consult with experts on this. He never spoke of a summit. Support for Mückstein comes from the virologist Andreas Bergthaler. “Various actors seem to have great concerns about including the vaccinated in further measures for contact reductions. It may be that there were promises in the past,” said the doctor on Twitter, alluding to claims by the ÖVP that the pandemic for vaccinated people was over . Unfortunately, nobody has a right to the end of the pandemic, emphasized Bergthaler: “If the hospitals are full, a lot of things will inevitably become secondary.”

The aid organizations asked Mückstein, however, to involve them in the preparation of mandatory vaccination for health professions. On Tuesday, on behalf of Caritas, Diakonie, Hilfswerk and Volkshilfe, Red Cross Secretary General Michael Opriesnig called for the compulsory vaccination to be extended to the social and educational sector: “However, it is urgently necessary to involve the supporting organizations in the talks on the legislative process in order to cause a supply crisis avoid.”


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