“For many Germans, Spain is just Rioja and ham”



Daniel Brühl He was born in Barcelona, ​​grew up in Cologne, lives in Berlin, and as the culmination of his ‘tour’ around the world, he has now moved with his family to Mallorca. The Spanish-German actor, turned into an international star thanks to his roles in ‘God bye Lenin’, ‘Malditos Bastardos’, and for being the villain of Marvel movies, visits ‘El Hormiguero’ tonight to present his debut as director, ‘The next door’.

A Pablo Motos He is curious about how the actor takes being German in Spain and vice versa. “I’m always the outsider,” he admits. «It has been an advantage growing up in a family that has been a mixture of everything: Catalan, French, German … I feel very European, but that also means that there are times when I feel very uncomfortable, because I am from nowhere.

Even after 22 years in Berlin I cannot say that I am from there, because I feel that I am not.

And of course, the presenter also falls into asking him about the differences between Germans and Spaniards. Brühl thinks there are a lot of clichés. However, “in a way they tend to be more squared, more controlled, less emotional.” Now the promotional tour of the film started at the Seville Festival, and for him “it was amazing.” “A Sunday in November in Berlin is cold, gray and with a horrible atmosphere; while one Sunday in November is Seville, with people there singing … »

His debut feature: a western set in Berlin

Opening his mouth about the film, he says that “it begins as a light comedy and then becomes a very dark comedy, a thriller. It’s a western set in Berlin. My character, who is a famous actor, discovers that his neighbor, who is from the East, has discovered much, too much, about him. The film is about harassment, about intimacy, but also about the gentrification of what is happening in the cities.

One of the moral of the film: always consider how the neighbors are before a move. It happened to himself. “When I moved from one apartment to another in Berlin, I wanted to meet my neighbors, because they saw me and gave me reluctant glances of ‘oh, this actor’. I wanted to pretend to be nice by getting into conversation. And there I noticed the brutal differences that still exist between the two Germanies.

In addition, the actor explains why the protagonist of ‘The next door’ is not him, but his name is Daniel, he lives in Berlin, he speaks Spanish and German, he is an actor and makes independent films and also superheroes. «I needed a character who would represent a successful man, with money, fame … I imagined an architect, a politician. But in the end I thought it was my first movie, and I wanted to know very well what he was talking about. Therefore, the world of the actor seemed the most interesting. «I noticed writing that I was having a lot of fun talking about the humiliations that I have lived». Although he does not want to tell what is true and what is not, because that, “would take the fun out of the film.”

“Tarantino puts obscene objects in the face”

In relation to your directorial debut having worked with the best filmmakers, he also becomes wet about whether it has been an asset to him or a chore.

“At first I did want to be the captain so as not to lose authority. What happens is that I noticed that many things I did not understand. Remembering a tip from Ron Howard, who told him that “a good director does a good casting with his team, and you don’t have to pretend to know everything,” he decided that democracy would be better. “As we say in German, it’s pulling down your pants if we don’t know something.”

Pablo Motos wanted to find out what it is like to work with Quentin Tarantino. And seen what is seen, the director of ‘Damn bastards’ spends them a bit bastard. “He can’t stand people falling asleep on set, and neither can cell phones, you have to hand him over. Also, put music on technical changes. But if you catch someone sleeping, you had an assistant take a photo with a large obscene object in front of the person’s face, and they would hang the photo on a shame panel. I saw some famous … ».

“I hardly come because Xavi told me not to”

The presenter was also hallucinated when he found out that Daniel Brühl has a tapas bar in Berlin. The interpreter boasts of business. “There is everything. In addition, we are traveling through each province of Spain, and every week we change the menu. We offer the German public something different, because for many Germans Spain is just Rioja and ham ».

Finally, Motos has gone to make him pupa investigating his passion for culé. «I am very of the Barça», reaffirms with humor. “I hardly come to ‘El Hormiguero’ because Xavi told me not to”.

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