Foundation laid – National Council: Kurz and Schnedlitz before delivery

ÖVP club chairman Sebastian Kurz and the liberal general secretary Michael Schnedlitz are expected to be extradited by the National Council on Thursday. The basis for this was laid on Tuesday in the immunity committee. Against Kurz is investigated, among other things, for infidelity and false testimony, against Schnedlitz for hate speech.

In the case of the former chancellor, permission for further prosecution was granted unanimously. Kurz himself had repeatedly emphasized that he was interested in a quick clarification. He rejects the allegations in connection with the polls / advertisement affair and his testimony in the parliamentary U-Committee. According to information from the APA, Freedom and NEOS voted against the extradition at Schnedlitz, as they see a connection with the MPs activities of the FPÖ MPs. The Vienna Public Prosecutor’s Office is investigating him for incitement to post in the Leonie case.

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