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An “urgent motion” was tabled in the National Council on Tuesday calling for an immediate end to the lockdown for unvaccinated persons and a ban on discrimination for those who refrain from immunization. The government accuses the FP of “running against the wall with the vaccination board in front of the head”.

The “Urgent Request” will be dealt with from 3 pm. The current fourth corona wave, including the recent government disputes, certainly shaped the budget discussions in the morning. Finance Minister Gernot Blmel (VP) also used his speech for a vaccination appeal. “We know the vaccination works. Please get vaccinated,” he said to the citizens.

The livestream:

VP Club Chairman Sebastian Kurz also commented not only on the budget, but also on Corona – opposition speakers had repeatedly reproached him for having declared the pandemic to be over as Chancellor in the summer.

At that time he “dared to say that we will be dealing with a pandemic of the unvaccinated, that anyone who is not vaccinated will be infected sooner or later,” noted Kurz – and also opposed the representation, the vaccination don’t work. The 7-day incidence in the vaccinated had recently reached almost 350, but that of the unvaccinated more than 1,700. “So the truth is that not only the vaccination works, but everyone who is not vaccinated has a high risk of being infected,” Kurz asked everyone who had not yet been vaccinated: “Let it go through your head again. “

Vaccination appeals from SP and NEOS

Vaccination appeals also came from speakers from the SP and NEOS. But they primarily criticized the internal government disagreements of the past few days. While the numbers are skyrocketing, dozens of people are dying every day and the nursing staff is at the end of their tether, “they argue in the open, shift the blame and responsibility on each other,” said SP boss Pamela Rendi-Wagner a “sad one Low point in 20 months of pandemic “. And called on the government: “Come together and work together to overcome this great crisis.”

For NEOS vice club boss Nikolaus Scherak it was “the worst of both worlds” that turquoise green showed in the last few days. Chancellor and minister of the VP and the Greens would have “contradicted each other so often that the citizens no longer know what is true”. In the summer, the government failed to take the necessary measures to increase the vaccination quota – instead, Kurz declared the pandemic to be over.

FP speakers question the effectiveness of the vaccination

FP speakers already voiced their doubts about the effectiveness of the vaccination during the budget debate. In the justification for the “urgent application”, the freedom of the individual with regard to the vaccination is emphasized, but at the same time the effectiveness of the available vaccines is questioned. More and more breakthroughs in vaccination were mixed in with the new infections and, contrary to promises, people in the clinics who had been fully immunized died every day. “The fact is that it is precisely the ineffectiveness of the vaccine that is driving the pandemic forward,” states the liberal parliamentary club.

With the planned mandatory vaccination in the medical field, Trkis-Grn is crossing the red line that she herself has drawn. The result will be that a number of technically excellent employees will lose their jobs. Equally negative is the lockdown for unvaccinated people. Two million people would be imprisoned without having done anything wrong, the FP sees a “smear campaign”: “Working, paying taxes and social security contributions: yes. Participation in social life, shopping, etc .: no.”

The FP sees its recently presented “Plan B” as the way out of the pandemic. This is based on an antibody study of the population and drug treatment of the disease as early as possible. This “Plan B” replaces “fear and panic” with well-founded hope and confidence.


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