From November 17th – Burgenland: FFP2 mask compulsory comes

Burgenland Governor Hans Peter Doskozil (SPÖ) has sharp criticism of the federal government’s corona management. He again accuses Health Minister Wolfgang Mückstein (Greens) of a lack of communication and advises him to “rethink himself”. “You can’t cope with a crisis like that,” says Doskozil. He wants to expand the range of vaccinations and tests for Burgenland. At the same time, there is an FFP2 mask requirement in public spaces.

From the governor’s point of view, there are several points that do not work at the federal level. Starting with the chaos in the PCR tests, where, according to Doskozil, suspected cases sometimes have to wait four to five days for a result or for the secretion. Discussion about mandatory vaccination at the wrong time The fourth wave is also not the appropriate time for a discussion about mandatory vaccination off the fence to break. Especially since it is to be feared that if a vaccination is compulsory in the health sector, this could result in the loss of staff in the hospital sector. No communication, no strategy There is no communication from the Minister of Health, not even with the other federal states. There is also no specific information on how to proceed with regard to vaccinating 5- to 12-year-olds. “There is no such thing as a strict strategy,” says Doskozil. In view of the “fault lines” within the federal government, Doskozil therefore appeals to put party politics on the back burner. Mückstein should “reconsider” Mückstein is required to “reconsider himself, the way in which he exercises this function, how he exercises this office” and to change that. However, he does not want to suggest a resignation to the minister when asked. FFP2 masks in public spaces For Burgenland there will be a slight tightening from November 17th. From then on, FFP2 masks will apply in public spaces. In addition, the range of tests and vaccinations is being expanded. Among other things, mobile vaccination teams will be on the road in the communities. Furthermore, there will be the possibility of supervised antigen tests in the road construction authorities across the country, which are intended to serve as a substitute for problems with the PCR test system. This should allow people to go to work. Cancellation of events recommendedDoskozil made a strong recommendation not to hold any more events in the next few weeks. This applies to both indoor and outdoor, such as Christmas markets. Patients from other federal states He assumes that the situation in Austria’s hospitals will worsen further and that Burgenland will have to take over patients from other federal states in the next one or two weeks so that there is no triage Country chief whether the current measures will be sufficient. “I cannot guarantee that we will get through the fourth wave with these measures,” said Doskozil. Burgenland currently has the bonus that there are relatively fewer hospitalizations due to the high vaccination rate.

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