frontal from November 16, 2021

The need in the intensive care units
Overload as a permanent condition

More and more people with COVID-19, often unvaccinated, end up in intensive care units. Experts predict that the capacity will be exhausted in a few weeks.

In addition, the clinics have lost thousands of nursing staff in the past few months, as the work overload in the intensive care units has forced many qualified staff to change jobs. And so clinics are faced with a dilemma: Since February, minimum staffing levels have been stipulated for intensive care beds in order to ensure a minimum level of care. If the prescribed number of intensive care nurses is missing, the already scarce intensive care beds must be locked. If clinics then accept life-threatening illnesses anyway, they have to pay fines.

Intensive care nurses and doctors report in “frontal” about the desperate situation in the intensive care units.

The methods of financial sales DVAG
Advises and sells

Deutsche Vermögensberatung, DVAG for short, is Germany’s largest financial distributor. Celebrities like Jürgen Klopp advertise him. The more than 18,000 full-time financial advisors look after around eight million customers.

They mainly earn their money through commissions from insurance companies: Selling instead of advising? What is certain is that there has been a lot of criticism of DVAG’s business model. The acquisition of customers among family and friends also leads to disappointments again and again.

“Head-on” meets an insider who reports from the inner workings of financial sales DVAG.

Migrants on the border between Poland and Belarus
Lost between the fronts

For months a human tragedy and humanitarian catastrophe has been taking place on the Polish-Belarusian border. Migrants from countries like Afghanistan or Iraq try to get into the European Union via Belarus.

The EU countries accuse the Belarusian head of state, Alexander Lukashenko, of luring the refugees with promises of easy entry and then smuggling them to the Polish border. Thousands of people, including many children, are now believed to be stuck in the border area.

“Frontal” reports on the dramatic situation on the Poland-Belarus border and shows how the situation of the migrants stranded there is worsening.

Clear cuts in the forest
Failed climate policy

The climate protector “forest” is becoming a climate problem. Funded by federal and state politics, thousands of hectares of forest in Germany were cleared in order to plant new mixed forests that are supposed to survive in the face of climate change. But this plan threatens to fail.

“Head-on” about a clear-cutting policy that does not even stop at protected areas.

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