Hungary’s law against refugee workers violates EU law

A corresponding law of the right-wing national government of Prime Minister Viktor Orban violates EU law, the ECJ judge ruled on Tuesday in Luxembourg.

Specifically, it is about the so-called “Stop Soros Law”, which the right-wing national government of Viktor Orban had introduced in 2018. The law criminalizes activists and employees of NGOs who help migrants to apply for asylum, even though they are not eligible for protection according to Hungarian criteria.

The term “Stop Soros” refers to the liberal US billionaire George Soros. The Holocaust survivor from Hungary supports numerous civil organizations with his foundation that help refugees and asylum seekers.

The Hungarian government accuses Soros of bringing large numbers of Muslim immigrants to Europe and attacks him with anti-Semitic stereotypes. Orban follows a strict anti-migration course. The ECJ already found fundamental parts of its asylum and migration policy to be illegal.

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