Italy rules out lockdown based on the Austrian model

The infection numbers are under control, so tightening the restrictions is not necessary, said Region Minister Mariastella Gelmini, according to media reports on Tuesday. “The government has made decisions that will allow our country to stay open. 84 percent of our citizens are vaccinated with two doses. The government is closely monitoring the development of the risk of infection and is pressing for the third dose. The decisions made allow allow us to look at the situation with some calm, but it is clear that we are in the most difficult months. We will see whether it is necessary to change the rules we have given ourselves over time “, so Gelmini.

“I am confident because I see that the Italians are vaccinated, follow the rules and wear a mask. I think we should be grateful to the vast majority of the country who have accepted the vaccination certificate, have vaccinated, have shown themselves that she understood the seriousness of the pandemic and made her own contribution, “said Gelmini.

The minister responded to calls made by some presidents of regions who had proposed a lockdown for unvaccinated people along the lines of the Austrian model. This demand was also rejected by the head of the right-wing ruling Lega party, Matteo Salvini. “Italy does not have such worrying numbers of infections in Austria. The health system is holding up,” said Salvini.

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