Lockdown, Schnell-Booster, 2G: What traffic light law and Corona summit could bring Germany – and what not

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Corona summit, infection protection law and tough measures in the countries: Politics is rotating in the face of the pandemic. An overview of the next steps.

  • Thursday (November 18) will be a politically decisive day: The new Corona law and a Corona summit are about to be passed.
  • There are heated debates beforehand: 2G, 3G, compulsory vaccinations, lockdowns, exit restrictions, booster vaccinations are under discussion.
  • The first course will be set in the Bundestag on Tuesday evening. Read who decides what and when in this article.

Berlin – The number of corona cases in Germany is increasing continuously – the political reactions in the cities and countries, however, are overturning. Canceled major events here, stricter 2G and 3G regulations there: Keeping an eye on the new regulations in the whole of Germany is becoming an impossibility this week.

The mills at the federal level grind a little more slowly. In the absence of a fully legitimized federal government, the future traffic light coalition and the prime minister are slowly making their way towards a decisive Thursday. Then a new infection protection law should first be passed. Only after a long break will a Corona summit meet again. And even then some questions will probably remain unanswered. An overview of the most important upcoming decisions and points of contention:

Corona wave and the reaction: traffic light plans for the new infection protection law

Soon the “epidemic situation” will be history. The traffic light has been working on a legal replacement for a long time – and has recently sharpened it in view of the dramatic pandemic situation. The new Infection Protection Act looks next to one 3G rule on buses and trains as well as on Workplace also the possibility of Contact restrictions and Requirements for events before. There are still points of contention: Public transport operators are puzzling over the implementation of the necessary controls. The Union would prefer to prolong the epidemic situation again.

There will be very specific information about the final content of the law on Tuesday evening. Then the amendment should be discussed in the main committee of the Bundestag. the Adoption is for Thursday in the Bundestag scheduled. The regulations should then already pass the Federal Council on Friday.

Corona lockdown: countries want more opportunities – SPD remains tough

Also about „Lockdowns“ will be debated again these days. However, the word is fuzzy: Partly hard Restrictions on the unvaccinated will continue to be possible with the new traffic light law, as Greens boss Robert Habeck admitted. It is different when it comes to cuts for Everyone People in the country. Exit restrictions and complete company or school closings should be aware of the planned changes to the Infection Protection Act not possible anymore the parliamentary manager of the Bundestag SPD, Carsten Schneider, emphasized on Tuesday.

But there are desires. The green-ruled Baden-Württemberg advocates a permanent legal basis for Exit restrictions, as the dpa reported, citing government circles in Stuttgart. However, the SPD rejected the demands for improvements in this regard. This would mean that the topic would be off the table nationwide. CSU boss Markus Söder had recently pointed this out more or less directly.

Corona alert level reached: Winfried Kretschmann implements 2G in Baden-Württemberg.

© Bernd Weißbrod / dpa

Corona vaccination requirements in Germany: Traffic light is apparently still fighting for a solution

On Monday, the Green parliamentary group leader Katrin Göring-Eckardt had the public with the announcement of an agreement on the matter Vaccination compulsory for several professional groups surprised – a little later the traffic light received the message again. What is clear is that the possible plans no longer part of the new Infection Protection Act should be.

But an agreement may be in sight: Health politicians from the FDP and the Greens pleaded for one on Tuesday facility-related obligation. But it doesn’t go too fast. In the ranks of the partners there are supporters, but also “some whose opinion has not yet been formed,” said Schneider. He made an agreement “in the next weeks” in prospect. Schneider promised: “We will devote ourselves to the question of mandatory vaccination for special facilities.” In a statement on the progress of the coalition negotiations, the three traffic light parties did not comment on their debate on mandatory vaccination.

Corona in Germany: date for booster vaccination remains controversial

In the short term, the Booster vaccinations Do not stop the massive fourth corona wave – the experts agree on that. In the medium term, however, the refreshments are one of the main levers in combating the pandemic. Among other things, there is a dispute about the timing of the follow-up vaccinations. Six months is currently the norm for people fully immunized with mRNA vaccines.

Söder recently brought a shortening to five months into play. The Green health politician Janosch Dahmen went even further on Tuesday. “We should vaccinate anyone who has had a complete primary series of more than four months ago, “he told the online edition of Daily mirror. Employer President Rainer Dulger recently called for the rules to be relaxed. “Our company doctors finally need a clear signal that they can offer our employees the third vaccination,” he said. The question could be a Topic for the Corona summit with Angela Merkel (CDU) who is still Chancellor and the country leaders.

Corona measures in Germany soon to be standardized? Laschet’s successor makes demands

On Thursday afternoon, the Corona summit will probably be faced with (almost) consummate legal facts. In view of previous experience with the format, this does not have to be a disadvantage. Still, there will be a lot to do: The traffic light now gives the countries some room for maneuver. The new NRW Prime Minister Hendrik Wüst (CDU) wants one at the summit unification the individual country measures see. The round is necessary “because we should be as united as possible on the design,” said Wüst on Tuesday in Düsseldorf. Many different details in the countries only led to uncertainty again. North Rhine-Westphalia currently holds the chairmanship of the MPK.

Söder had previously looked less constructively at the planning and sharply reprimanded the sequence of appointments. “It would have been better, instead of having a Prime Minister’s Conference on Thursday afternoon, to do it in the morning or Wednesday – before the law is passed,” he said on ZDF. Now the countries should hear what has been passed. But Wüst also reported criticism. With the federal government must also about that Relationship with the countries be spoken, he explained. The interaction in the past few weeks was “not the way it should be in order to work together in such a situation”.

Corona measures in the countries: New developments at the start of the week

North Rhine-Westphalia introduces the 2G rule “nationwide” in the leisure sector for adults, for example for Christmas markets and soccer games. 2G + applies to carnival celebrations and visits to disco.

Even the one that is in a government crisis Thuringia is now relying nationwide on 2G in gastronomy, hotel and events.

In Hamburg From Saturday, unvaccinated people are no longer allowed to go to bars, restaurants and clubs, among other things.

In Baden-Wuerttemberg applies from Wednesday 2G in museums, restaurants and at many events 2G.

Saxony According to Minister of Social Affairs Petra Köpping, now even wants to introduce 2G in retail – with the exception of basic services.

Bayern had already pushed ahead on the weekend. Several tightened rules came into force on Tuesday.

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