More than 20,000 accesses and 267 requests for the tourist voucher within hours of starting up




In just a few hours, the website of the Community of Madrid where to register to obtain the tourist vouchers -with discounts of up to 600 euros to those who visit the region- has had more than 20,000 accesses and 10,500 registered users. This is how the Minister of Culture, Tourism and Sport, Marta Rivera de la Cruz.

The grants have been opened to applications this morning, and in the early afternoon, there were already 267 formalized applications, and 600 inquiries by phone or mail about them. What’s more, 220 companies have applied to join the program, and 116 of them are already validated, Rivera De la Cruz pointed out.

The tourist vouchers, which have been launched in several autonomous communities, aim to attract visitors to the region now that the data of the pandemic allow travel.

They are managed in the Community of Madrid, in collaboration with the Chamber of Commerce. To benefit from these savings, travelers must have Spanish nationality or legal residence in the national territory, and be of legal age. These are the steps to take:

1. Book directly in accommodation or agencies of the Community of Madrid adhered to the program at least 10 days before the date on which the services are to be consumed. The tourism companies associated with the initiative include travel agencies, hotels, apartment hotels, hostels, pensions, guest houses, hostels, tourist camps, tourist apartments and rural tourism establishments. The discount will only be applied to the initial reservation, not to subsequent consumption.

2. With the reservation confirmed, enroll in the tourist voucher program
from this link
. From the private area, the citizen will request his tourist voucher with a copy of his reservation. You can only make one request per month, and you will not have any tourist voucher pending to enjoy.

3. Within a maximum period of ten days, the citizen will receive a notification of the tourist voucher by email with a QR code and an alphanumeric code that must be delivered where the reservation has been made.

Residents benefiting from the vouchers will be able to make the payment of the invoice issued by the tourist establishment through different banking means: bank transfer, bank check, debit or credit card.

With the new bonuses, it will be applied also discount for transport originating in Spain and destined for the Community of Madrid hired through collaborating agencies. In this case, the minimum stay in the region must be two nights. The reservation must be made at least 10 calendar days in advance of its consumption date. The services must be enjoyed a maximum of 40 days after making the reservation.

The Autonomous Government and the Madrid Chamber hope to attract with this initiative more than 40,000 new travelers, and generate around 120,000 overnight stays. For the president of the Madrid Chamber of Commerce, Ángel Asensio, this is an excellent opportunity both for hotel establishments and agencies and for tourists and travelers themselves. «The tourist vouchers will not only support the tourism sector, but will also benefit the entire industry, with an important impact also on shopping tourism, restaurants and leisure activities, which is why it is an initiative of great impulse for the fabric business in the region, “he concludes.

Those who have doubts or require additional information, can request it at the phone 910771144 and there is a
online form.

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