On thin ice: turquoise-green relationship crisis in the fourth wave

Sebastian Kurz and Werner Kogler, the two founding fathers of the turquoise-green coalition, are currently a bit distracted. The ex-chancellor and current VP club chairman will be handed over to the judiciary tomorrow by the national council. As recently with a private appraisal, he then wants to “prove his innocence” in the ongoing investigations by the economic and corruption prosecutor’s office into the VP advertising affair, as Kurz confirmed yesterday.

Vice Chancellor Kogler had to say goodbye to a close employee’s home office because of a positive CoV test. Before that, there was a solidarity note for his health minister Wolfgang Mückstein, who wants restrictions for the general public in the coalition banter in the fourth corona wave.

Because Mückstein was publicly put in his place by Chancellor Alexander Schallenberg, observers are already speaking of a communication disaster. Finally, Schallenberg has denied that the Corona meeting announced by Mückstein for today (see above) was a real summit. Tourism Minister Elisabeth Köstinger, a close confidante for a short time, said angrily that she thought “nothing at all” of Mückstein’s statements.

The normalization of the relationship of trust in the coalition, which Schallenberg declared as the “primary goal” when he took office, is likely to have fallen behind in the drama of the fourth wave. By intervening against Mückstein’s “advance”, Schallenberg also wanted the Greens’ increased self-confidence after Kurz ?? Set exit limits, report insiders. Above all, the lockdown was intended to keep the “reasonable majority” in line only for unvaccinated people.

But the rapidly deteriorating situation in several federal states is also driving (black) state governors towards the Mückstein position. Which is why the Chancellery is no longer thinking about demonstrations of power, but about giving in to save face.


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