Pandemic discussion – Schallenberg calls for a uniform line from Mückstein

In a dispute with Health Minister Wolfgang Mückstein (Greens), Federal Chancellor Alexander Schallenberg (ÖVP) called on him to take a common line in the turquoise-green government. “We have to talk together and follow a line,” he said on Monday evening in the “ZiB Spezial”. “We have to act together.” The Minister of Health is often called upon, but he has a good basis for discussions with him, said Schallenberg when asked whether Mückstein was doing the job well.

Schallenberg reiterated his rejection of the night curfew proposed by Mückstein for everyone. The government did not even take far-reaching decisions 24 hours ago and with the best will in the world he could not imagine that solidarity was now being demanded from a large – vaccinated – part of the population. “I want to bring the unvaccinated to the vaccination and not lock the vaccinated.” All measures would be aimed at getting the unvaccinated to be vaccinated. That is also the common goal of the government.

Closing the gastronomy would bring social and economic disadvantages, but only little to dampen the pandemic. The only way to get out of “this vicious circle” is vaccination. “Anyone who has not been vaccinated will be infected sooner or later,” said Schallenberg and “took this opportunity” to wish the infected FPÖ boss Herbert Kickl and his family a speedy recovery.

The Chancellor was skeptical about the mandatory vaccination required by Mückstein for all health professions. He could imagine that for special professions, but not for all. Schallenberg also made it clear that there would be no new corona advisory summit on Wednesday, but that this day is only the ten-day reference date since the introduction of 2G.

Kogler: “The situation is dramatic”

Vice Chancellor and Greens boss Werner Kogler supported Mückstein on Monday evening. “The situation is dramatic. We are in the middle of the fourth wave, the number of infections is rising, and more and more people are suffering as a result in the intensive care units,” he said in a broadcast. According to experts, the lockdown for the unvaccinated may be insufficient. “That is why it is now important to prepare the next steps.” It is the job of the Minister of Health to protect the health of the people in Austria and the health system. To listen to what science says and also to prepare unpopular measures and put them on the table. “He has my full support for this. From Wednesday we will see to what extent the 2G rule has affected the infection rate. On the basis of this, we as the federal government will discuss and make the next decisions,” said Kogler. (apa)

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