Parliament: Kickl sends video, Kurz defends himself

Budget discussions began yesterday in the House. However, it was not government spending that dominated the debate, but the fourth corona wave.

FP club chairman Herbert Kickl was absent from the plenary due to his corona infection. But he let it be known via Facebook video that he was “thankfully having a mild course”. He rejected media reports that he had a fever. He told his supporters that he hoped to be back soon to continue the fight against the insanity of the federal government. The FP mandataries stayed true to Kickl’s line: yesterday they submitted an urgent motion and demanded an immediate end to the lockdown for unvaccinated people and a ban on discrimination for those who refrain from immunization.

VP club chairman Sebastian Kurz was not the first to take the podium, but gave his speech at the end of the budget debate. At the time, he “dared to say that we are going to be dealing with a” pandemic of the unvaccinated “that anyone who is not vaccinated will sooner or later become infected,” he said. Kurz tried to support his statement with current figures: the incidence of those who were vaccinated is 350 today, and that of those who have not been vaccinated is 1700.

Neos vice club boss Nikolaus Scherak accused Kurz of having prematurely declared the pandemic over in the summer. SP leader Pamela Rendi-Wagner again called on the government: “Pull yourself together and work together to overcome this great crisis.”

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