Parliament – Some would send government into personal bankruptcy

“It is the sad low point in 20 months of the pandemic.” SPÖ federal party leader Pamela Rendi-Wagner took the latest exchange of blows between Chancellor Alexander Schallenberg (ÖVP) and Health Minister Wolfgang Mückstein (Greens) about the need for a lockdown for vaccinated people as an opportunity to raise the levite of the turquoise-green federal government about the corona crisis management to read. “Pull yourself together,” she called on the ÖVP and the Greens on Tuesday at the start of the three-day budget debate in the House.

Not even Finance Minister Gernot Blümel could avoid the dramatic development of the corona infections. It is clear that the pandemic is still “a big challenge”, said the closest confidante of ex-Chancellor Sebastian Kurz, who is the ÖVP club chairman in parliament. In the summer, however, as head of the government and ÖVP, Kurz had declared and had posters that the pandemic for vaccinated people had been overcome.

The leader of the largest opposition party was on this parliamentary day, on which the budget accompanying law and then the general debate were on the agenda, but graciously with the turquoise-green federal government. Those who had expected a motion of no confidence from the SPÖ were disappointed by Rendi-Wagner because they accused Turquoise-Green of helplessness and planlessness, but left it with the “pull together” appeal. There was no mention of the demand for new elections, which the Burgenland SPÖ would like to see in spring 2022.

Blümel: 41 billion euros against the crisis

Finance Minister Blümel recalled that the government had already paid out or promised 41 billion euros to combat the Coroa crisis. But that did not change the fact that Neos finance spokeswoman Karin Doppelbauer reproached the federal government for unnecessarily burdening taxpayers with the high costs of the pandemic. “I would like to send you into private bankruptcy,” rumbled the Neos speaker.

For the ÖVP, the managing club chairman August Wöginger moved out to hold the mirror up to the SPÖ and also the Neos with the reference to the increase in the fees for garbage or water in Vienna. The red-pink city government under Mayor Michael Ludwig (SPÖ) is currently pulling “the money out of the pockets of the Viennese” with the impending fee increase.

FPÖ motion against government measures

As expected, the green club chairwoman Sigrid Maurer highlighted the government’s additional spending on climate protection. Even without its corona-infected club and party chairman Herbert Kickl, who is in quarantine, the FPÖ remained loyal to the harsh course against the federal government’s corona measures. In an urgent motion, which will not be debated until 3 p.m., there was therefore the demand of the Freedom Party for an immediate end to the lockdown for unvaccinated people and a ban on discrimination for those who refrain from immunization. The government accused the FPÖ of “running against the wall with the vaccination board in front of the head”. At least the separated blue club boss will have been happy about his loyal followers in the National Council.

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