Sergio Mattarella receives the Madrid Golden Keys, “one more commitment” in the relationship between Spain and Italy



The President of the Italian Republic, Sergio Mattarella, received this Tuesday the Golden Keys of the city of Madrid, in what he has described as “one more commitment” of the relationship between Spain and Italy as well as “the symbol of the renewal of fraternal friendship that links Madrid with the capitals of Europe.”

It has been in the old Town Hall of the capital, located in the Plaza de la Villa, where the first mayor of Madrid, José Luis Martínez-Almeida, has delivered the Keys to him in the presence of the entire Corporation. After being received at street level, Mattarella and Almeida have accessed the old plenary hall of the country’s capital.

During his speech, Martínez-Almeida highlighted that both countries are “mothers of civilizations”, as well as that “Spain completed the Latin civilizing work, and brought the light of Rome to the world.”

He also stressed that “the children of Italy and Spain have enlightened the world in art.”

At this point he has appointed Dante and Cervantes, or Tiziano and Velázquez, among others, to highlight the “contribution” of both countries to literature, painting and music. Without us, art history would be an incomprehensible discipline. It is enough to walk a few meters, and see the elegant facade of the Italian Institute of Madrid, which is looking face to face with the grave lines of the Palace of the Councils, seat of the Council of State ”, he highlighted.

Special mention has been made in his speech to Italian architect and engineer Sabatini, some of whose buildings are emblematic of the Spanish capital, such as Puerta de Alcalá. A “transformation” of the city that “was operated under the baton of Carlos III.”

Of both countries he has asserted that “they are two thriving nations, at the forefront of the world in scientific or artistic activity”, as well as that “it is difficult to find two countries with these links.”


«In the pandemic, our societies have been punished with similar cruelty, and our states have helped each other in this ordeal, one of the roughest. This speaks of a full twinning that must be taken care of ”, he stressed.

The Italian president then described it as “an honor” to receive the Madrid Golden Key. «A gesture of great consideration that surrenders to the Republic and not just to me. This gesture encompasses all Italian citizens, so numerous in this city, “he said.

Mattarella has highlighted the existence of “ties” between Spain and Italy, which “are numerous and deep.” «Here the architect from Palermo Francesco Sabatini, called by Carlos III for the architectural and urban development of the capital, brought to fruition his talent. It is a pleasure, I am glad that he is remembered with a program of activities in 2021 », he celebrated.

He has also dedicated a few words to the sky of Madrid and its «wonderful light» considering that it is the “true ingredient of Madrid, the most palpable feature.”

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