Söder calls for faster approval of drugs and vaccines against coronavirus

The Bavarian Prime Minister Markus Söder (CSU) calls for a significantly higher pace in the approval of new drugs and vaccines to combat the corona pandemic in Germany.

Munich – “I would urge you to talk about emergency approvals of the drugs, which apparently promise a lot in the United States and England in the fight against corona diseases,” said Söder on Tuesday to “Bild TV”. “We are always discussing whether you can do that. That is one of the really big weaknesses.”

Söder also advocated “that we should examine the approval of vaccines that are now on the way and that could have additional acceptance as soon as possible.” He was referring to dead vaccines, with which some of those who are skeptical about vaccinations could be made an offer.

Söder pointed out that there was already a boost five months after the second vaccination in Israel, while the legal framework was being discussed in Germany. And the Standing Vaccination Commission (Stiko) “took a long time to recommend vaccinations for schoolchildren”. Other countries are now vaccinating even younger people. “It takes us forever to talk about it.”

Söder also brought up compulsory vaccination for football professionals. “I am in favor of compulsory vaccination for certain professional groups, we need that, emphasized the CSU boss.” I think it would be a good signal that we are also discussing something like this for the football sector – as a signal for the unity of fans and players. “

Söder also reiterated his demand that there should be compulsory vaccination for everyone who works in a nursing home or in a hospital. He expressed skepticism about considerations to include employees in daycare centers in compulsory vaccination.



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