Söders Apocalypse: In the Corona crisis, state action is now necessary

  • Georg Anastasiadis

    fromGeorg Anastasiadis


Prime Minister Söder warns of the virus “apocalypse”. But threatening scenarios no longer work. State action is now necessary. A comment by Merkur editor-in-chief Georg Anastasiadis.

One can sympathize with the Bavarian Prime Minister’s desperation over the laziness of many of his compatriots. But no one is really helped if Markus Söder takes the hysterics to extremes by now painting the approaching virus “apocalypse” on the wall. Even if the situation is actually precarious: Threat and fear scenarios do not impress many (anymore) Unfortunately, some even drive them to react defiantly – otherwise Bavaria would not have the worst pandemic indicators of all western federal states under its eloquent head of the state. The red-red-green Bremen has the greatest successes in vaccination, where addressing the citizens and also the low-threshold vaccination offers for certain groups are probably better than in the south.

The fuss about the compulsory vaccination becomes a nuisance

It is correct: Even in Bavaria more, many more people have to get vaccinated if the Free State wants to find the way out of this wretched health crisis that is draining people, taking away their joie de vivre from many and life itself from some. All the reasoning about vaccination risks must not obscure the suffering it brings to society if it remains trapped in a never-ending state of emergency due to the unreasonableness of some. What is needed are not always shrill words or accusations, but clear state action. It is to be hoped that the widespread introduction of 2G will cause some to change course. Logically, this leads to a lockdown for the unvaccinated if the situation in the clinics can no longer be controlled otherwise.

Meanwhile, the fuss about compulsory vaccination for certain professional groups such as medical and nursing staff is developing into a nuisance. The future SPD Chancellor Olaf Scholz welcomed the “debate” about it. Oh yes? The problem: German politics, including the lion Söder, is too discouraged to finally push through what is actually the most obvious and to endure protests against it. Individual freedom does not include the right to bring suffering and death into hospitals and old people’s homes.


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