Söder’s coalition “unwilling” to act? Bavaria irritates traffic lights – Grüner is now making demands

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Markus Söder drives the traffic light with Corona claims in front of him – she reacts irritated. Now the CSU boss himself could come under pressure.

Munich / Berlin – Virologists have been warning of rising corona case numbers for months. But now things are going unexpectedly fast for many citizens and politicians: Doctors in Upper Bavaria, among others, see the risk of triage, and tough measures are now being discussed again. The almost forgotten format of the Corona summit should provide solutions as early as Thursday. Shortly before, the focus is once again on: Bavaria’s Prime Minister Markus Söder.

Because the CSU boss has been railing against the plans of the alleged new traffic light government from Munich for days. “The situation threatens to slip away across the country. Just ducking away is not enough, ”said Söder on Sunday. He also had a specific request in his luggage. “We need the possibility of contact restrictions for unvaccinated people.” On the one hand, Söder seems to be successful in this way. On the other hand, the criticism is increasing. A key question: Why doesn’t the Bavarian Prime Minister just act himself? It’s not over yet. After a traffic light readjustment, new demands against Söder are loud.

Söder’s Corona demands irritate the Greens and the SPD: “Blow up your cheeks”

In any case, the SPD and Greens in Bavaria reacted irritably to the allegations of Söders at the start of the week. You can “understand in terms of party politics” how the CSU acts, tweeted the Green Party parliamentary group leader Katharina Schulze. “However: The old rule still applies and the Union could have taken all the necessary measures a long time ago and taken the necessary precautions in the summer.”

Vice-President of the Landtag, Markus Rinderspacher (SPD), spoke in the same direction. “For the fact that Markus Söder has not used his freedom of action to fight corona for weeks, he blows up his cheeks,” he complained in a tweet. If Söder’s coalition is “unwilling and unable to make the necessary decisions,” it is not the traffic lights to blame.

Corona situation in Bavaria: Söder could act himself – however, the future of the rules was unclear for a long time

In fact, Söder announced further tightening for the Free State at the weekend – not least, tougher 2G rules should come into force from Tuesday. However, Bavaria could still use means such as contact limits. “The Prime Ministers Söder and Kretschmer have the full range of instruments at their disposal,” said Augsburg constitutional lawyer Josef Franz Lindner image.

This would be made possible by the “epidemic situation”, which still applies – but only until Wednesday of next week (November 24th). An even tougher crackdown by Söder, possibly again following the example of Austria, would have been possible at any time so far, but would now have a clear expiry date. Obviously, that only applies in parts. The traffic light parties originally wanted to delete some more far-reaching measures from the new draft law. After criticism, they are now partly moving away from it.

Traffic light: Corona plans are being sharpened – Habeck speaks of lockdown for unvaccinated people

Because from Sunday to Monday the SPD, Greens and FDP resigned Improvements to their draft for the new Infection Protection Act – and thus strongly accommodated Söder’s wishes. Green boss Robert Habeck named in the ARD “Tagesthemen” just the contact restrictions demanded by Söder as one of the means in the new scope of the law. “Contact prohibition or 2G regulation means in large parts: Lockdown for unvaccinated people,” he said.

FDP parliamentary director Marco Buschmann wrote on Twitter: “Ampel supplements legislative package against Corona with legal bases for: Obligations to test in old people’s homes, etc. Facilities, contact restrictions, capacity limits, home office obligation where practicable, 3G at work and in local public transport modified country opening clause between the Greens and the FDP is highly controversial. Chancellor candidate Olaf Scholz recently completely excluded the issue in the Bundestag.

Corona in Bavaria: traffic light directs in Söders direction – Grüner is now demanding

SPD parliamentary group vice-president Dirk Wiese did not justify the changes with the demands of Söder and his Saxon counterpart Michael Kretschmer (CDU). However, he referred to the corona situation in Bavaria and Saxony. It will be added to the legislative plans, “so that the states, especially Bavaria and Saxony, which have a significant infection rate, can initiate further measures with the consent of the state parliament”. Regardless of any style issues, the following applies: Söder will largely get what he wanted.

However, the CSU boss was not alone in this struggle. Even inside the amp it was crunching in the past few days. The Greens in particular, who have also long preferred a rather tight course in the pandemic, were impatient. “The tightening of the protective measures was sorely needed,” said the Green health politician Janosch Dahmen on Monday of the dpa.

At the same time, Dahmen increased the pressure on Söder, Kretschmer and Co: “Regional lockdowns should be implemented in areas where the incidence is going through the roof in order to curb the spread of the virus in the current high-incidence areas in the short term,” he said. Many Bavarian districts are at the top of the list of nationwide hotspots – so now everyone’s eyes are on Söder again. (fn / AFP / dpa)


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