SPD voters doubt Scholz: New survey provides information – Corona resignation is spreading

The traffic light government is probably led by Olaf Scholz as Chancellor. But what do voters and party members think of the SPD man?

Berlin – Olaf Scholz will probably be Germany’s new Chancellor. The RTL / ntv trend barometer now shows how voters and party members rate the 63-year-old. In the survey, the party first lost a percentage point compared to the week before and is currently at 24 percent. The FDP falls by two points to 12 percent. Only the Greens increase with an extra point to 17 percent. The AfD also wins easily. Union and left remain unchanged from the previous week at 22 and five percentage points.

Survey hit for Scholz: Few think he is a better chancellor than Merkel

With regard to Scholz, the participants seem to be relatively in agreement: 64 percent assume that the SPD man will rule neither better nor worse than his predecessor Angela Merkel. Ten percent believe that Scholz will do better. Twenty percent, however, are convinced that Olaf Scholz will govern worse than Merkel. In the SPD itself, too, there seems to be a similarly large consensus among the members on this point: Only 19 percent think that Scholz will be the better chancellor compared to Merkel.

There is a particularly hard blow to politics in the matter of Corona. Because 58 percent of those surveyed do not trust any party to be able to contain the pandemic. The Union does the best with 15 percent, closely followed by the SPD with 13 percent. The FDP (five percent) and the Greens (three percent) lag behind.

New survey brings a heavy blow to politics: Hardly anyone believes that the pandemic will be contained

What the survey also shows: 53 percent of those surveyed are in favor of a general compulsory vaccination against the coronavirus. The supporters of the SPD (62 percent), Union (60 percent) and the Left Party (61 percent) are in favor of this. At the FDP it is mixed – 49 percent are against a general vaccination requirement, 48 percent are in favor. The supporters of the Greens are just above the national average with 54 percent approval. Only the supporters of the AfD are with a majority of 81 percent against a general compulsory vaccination against the virus.

This is the second blow against Scholz and the traffic light government in a week. Just a few days ago, an INSA survey showed that the traffic light parties are losing more and more approval.


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