“Spy” – Corona rules: FPÖ draws comparisons to the GDR Stasi

The National Council was concerned with the dramatic corona situation on Tuesday through the FPÖ’s “urgent motion” (“No to discrimination against healthy people”). Correspondingly hearty were the requests to speak from the Freedom Party. “For two days, the federal government has been locking up healthy people, it has been playing vaccinated people against unvaccinated people against each other,” criticized Dagmar Belakowitsch (see video above). People would vein, spy on and spy on one another. The blue MP was reminded of the state security in the GDR: “Back then, too, the informing system flourished within families. The ÖVP is the party that is constantly fueling this. ”Chancellor Alexander Schallenberg (ÖVP) found sharp words for Belakovich’s speech:“ The comparison with the GDR and the Stasi methods is a mockery of the victims of communism. ”

According to Belakovich, anyone who does not disregard this “dictate of opinion” by the federal government is called a “Covidiot, Corona denier or Nazi.” “Enormous division” She also cleared up the government’s pandemic management by addressing the dissonances between Schallenberg and Health Minister Wolfgang Mückstein pointed out: “The Egyptian darkness really broke out for them.” Belakowitsch is particularly disturbed by the “enormous split” that the ÖVP in particular is deliberately promoting. In addition, the “denouncing” celebrate happy beginnings .. Strategically, Belakowitsch held against the government, to have relied on only one mainstay, namely vaccination. On the other hand, they forgot about the medication. Belakowitsch demanded an immediate end to the lockdown and a ban on discrimination against unvaccinated people. FPÖ application rejectedThe FPÖ had submitted the “urgent application” despite the current corona illness of its party leader Herbert Kickl, who is currently in quarantine. All efforts were in vain, the other groups rejected the “urgent motion”. The free motion of censure against the entire government also remained without support; that of NEOS against the health minister was otherwise only favored by the Freedom Party. Schallenberg: “Vaccination readiness has increased impressively” Schallenberg, on the other hand, called for vaccinations in his speech and saw the willingness to do so “impressively increased “. In his reply, the Chancellor stood by doing everything to get the unvaccinated to be vaccinated and not to lock the vaccinated. In any case, there is the possibility for the federal states to take further measures independently. Schallenberg basically emphasized that the steps taken would also take time. He already sees encouraging signals. Last week, as many vaccinations were given as not since June. Schallenberg defended that the lockdown for unvaccinated people had been agreed as necessary. None of the steps were taken lightly, but every measure would be taken back lightly if that was possible.FPÖ: “Government does not want to change course” FPÖ MP Gerhard Kaniak saw his conviction that the coalition was strengthened does not want to change their course, which was used to justify the motion of censure among the Freedom Party. In some cases, the waves in the debate went quite high – not only against the FPÖ, whose statements all other parties counter. The SPÖ and NEOS also sharply criticized the government because of the late reaction to the fourth wave and the public disagreement about the measures now required pulling together “. And “I have to say honestly and self-critically that we as a government have fallen short of this claim in the last few days”. Joint communication is necessary, he agrees with Schallenberg as well as “that we now have to break the fourth wave”.


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