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Iván Jorge is going to spend his sixth night in prison. He is an alleged sexual predator in the initial phase, according to the Civil Guard, which accuses him of eight crimes in 36 days: five in Yuncos and three in Cedillo del Condado, two towns in the Toledo region of La Sagra separated by six kilometers. All the complainants are women, from minors (although close to 18) to 26 years.

A 39-year-old Spaniard, he was arrested on the night of November 8, minutes after pouncing on a young woman in Yuncos and performing libinious touching on her. The surveillance on Iván Jorge finally yielded a positive result.

The Civil Guard followed him as a suspect and the agents were waiting for him to act again.

He did it that Monday, around 10:30 p.m., on the avenue of the CM4004 highway that connects Yuncos with Numancia de la Sagra. It is a pedestrian bridge with a dark area that passes over the A-42 motorway (Madrid-Toledo).

The subject parked his vehicle, went on foot to find a girl he saw alone, grabbed her and abused her through obscene touching. The victim escaped from him and the individual fled. He got into his car and the Civil Guard tried to stop him. In his flight, Iván Jorge rammed into an official vehicle that they crossed to cut off his escape and caused minor injuries to two officers. Finally, he was captured in the municipality of Numancia, already within the Villa de Azaña industrial estate. In fact, local police officers from this municipality came to support the dozen civil guards who made the arrest about 800 meters from where they had groped the young woman.

Iván Jorge did not live very far from there, about eleven kilometers, in El Viso de San Juan. For more than five years, he had been squatting in a villa in this town together with his sentimental partner and their children, minors, on La Encomienda street. “The chalets were full of squatters, but now only that family and another remain; the others were thrown out ”, they count for the town, which has 6,000 registered inhabitants. To this day, the sentimental partner of the detainee continues to live with her children in the occupied chalet.

Material seized from the detainee
Material seized from the detainee – Civil Guard

Iván Jorge worked for the City Council sweeping the streets and is a fair market man. Has a booze stand (mojitos, mainly) and a small attraction, consisting of an inflatable goal with a rotating goalkeeper.

Before his arrest as the alleged perpetrator of the eight sexual offenses, he was arrested twice for crimes against property. One of them occurred at the beginning of January, during the Filomena storm, by the joint local Police of El Viso de San Juan and Cedillo del Condado. He stole a car, with which he spun through the snowy streets. Due to the state of the ground, the vehicle got stuck, which allowed the capture of Iván Jorge.

For the Toledo Civil Guard, the case of sexual assaults took precedence. They were looking for a man of 1.70 meters tall with dark clothes, lonely and who had been performing between eight and twelve at night. “Identification of any person with such a profile was requested,” the Civil Guard communicated to the local police in the area. There were indications to believe that it was the same individual who in one week, from October 3 to 10, had committed four sexual crimes in Yuncos and in Cedillo del Condado. Then there were three other complaints in which the same ‘modus operandi’ was reported. The last one, on the 21st, Thursday. In addition, in one of the cases that occurred in Cedillo, the author committed two crimes by pouncing on two women.

As the days went by, the investigation focused on Iván Jorge. There was already a suspect, but there was no certainty that it was him. That is why the Civil Guard coordinated a surveillance device in the areas where it was assumed that it could act again. The gambling halls paid off on November 8, after Iván Jorge managed to perform lascivious fondling on a young woman. With this latest aggression, the signs were confirmed. Once detained, an entry and search was made at his home. From him, the agents took computer material, which is being analyzed.

With this arrest, they highlight from the Civil Guard, The hoax of an alleged child abductor is also knocked down that circulated in the province, and of which a couple of images have been disseminated that have nothing to do with Iván Jorge.

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