Stelzer appeals to vaccination skeptics: “Trust the experts”

“Trust the science and the experts,” was his appeal. Also, “now all those who have not yet had themselves vaccinated should make a contribution by reducing their social contacts and complying with the exit restrictions”.

“Since the outbreak of the Corona virus there has been a lot of talk about fundamental rights and freedom. That is good and right. But we also have to talk more about the responsibility of each individual for our fellow human beings and for the state as a whole,” said Stelzer. Citizenship does not end with paying taxes, one also has to think of others, “of children, the sick, of those in the health service who fight against Corona to the point of exhaustion”.

80 percent of ICU patients are not fully vaccinated

A look at the country’s dashboard, which showed 2,559 new infections and 22 deaths on Tuesday, and in the daily status report of the crisis team shows how dramatic the situation is: According to this, 78 people are currently being vaccinated in the intensive care units – 80.4 percent of them are not fully vaccinated – supervised. One patient each is under 14 and between 15 and 18 years old. The majority can be assigned to the age group between 45 and 74, there are no intensive care patients over 85. There are currently 513 Covid patients in the normal wards, 57.5 percent of them are not fully immunized. Four patients on the normal wards are 18 years of age or younger.

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“Corona situation very worrying”

“The corona situation in Upper Austria is still very worrying,” said Stelzer. Anyone who still believes they can take the virus lightly “and whoever still believes they can live the Corona regulations as a non-binding recommendation should be told that the virus is unpredictable.” Stelzer referred to the executive’s priority controls, which could result in heavy fines.

5,400 controls in Upper Austria

The Upper Austrian police checked 5,400 people across the country on Monday – although the necessary app did not work at times. There were 36 advertisements, said press spokesman David Furtner on request. The checks were carried out “very easily”, for example at traffic controls or in shopping centers. The feedback is good, there is broad acceptance among the population. Some are happy that they can show something.

Video: Chaos in the crisis – OÖN editor-in-chief Gerald Mandlbauer analyzes the situation in Upper Austria

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