Tagesthemen (ARD): Robert Habeck explains “Lockdown for the unvaccinated” – and calls the “real failure”

Robert Habeck explains the plans for the traffic light in the “Topics of the day” – including “Lockdown for the unvaccinated”. He sees the “real failure” elsewhere.

Berlin – The Greens, SPD and FDP are in the middle of the coalition negotiations. Meanwhile, the number of corona cases is growing to new highs and the end of the epidemic emergency is imminent. Now the traffic light is reacting: Greens boss Robert Habeck announced changes to the traffic light plans for the Infection Protection Act in the “Daily Topics” on Sunday evening.

Habeck: “The distinction between non-vaccinated and vaccinated people is correct!”

Habeck defended the end of the epidemic situation on November 25th. The new law is more legally secure because it has been decided by parliament and will introduce many new rules. He cited the 2G and 2GPlus rule or the 3G rule in the workplace as examples. He thinks it is right to make a political distinction between vaccinated and unvaccinated people. “Vaccination protects you, but it also protects public life, work, and keeping schools open.” You have the right to decide against vaccination and the high risk of disease, but politically there must be a difference do. The new Infection Protection Act ensures this difference.

The Greens rejected the accusation that politicians had fewer instruments at their disposal to contain the pandemic. “We are expanding the instrument box,” says Habeck. “We are only taking away the possibility of a comprehensive lockdown without differentiating between vaccinated and unvaccinated people.” At the same time, it creates the possibility of being able to apply further rules in a differentiated manner, for example contact blocks for unvaccinated people or targeted cancellation of events. The 2G rule means nothing more than a lockdown for unvaccinated people.

Habeck on failures: “Late boosters, lack of vaccination and test centers”

Habeck was convinced that the measures would make it possible to break the fourth wave. However, he also admits that the wave can only be broken if those whose vaccination protection is now slowly declining “finally get an injection so that they can then have full vaccination protection again.” The late boosters and the lack of vaccination and test centers According to Habeck, the real failure has been in the last few weeks.

With a view to the coalition talks, Habeck said that it was no secret that one had to go a long way and looked at the political present from different world views. He cited the Infection Protection Act as an example of how the SPD, FDP and the Greens can find a common path. The deliberations of the traffic light parties will continue on Monday, on Thursday the SPD, FDP and the Greens want to adopt changes to the Infection Protection Act in parliament. (bm)


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