Talentia Summit and its commitment to maintaining talent in Galicia




The labor market is experiencing one of its most turbulent moments in recent years. The pandemic hit the economy hard, reducing the production of many sectors but, at the same time, triggering that of others.

In the midst of this peculiar work stage, Talentia Summit celebrates its new edition, one of the most important job fairs in the country, which will begin in Santiago de Compostela tomorrow and will run until November 26. Its objective, precisely, is to contribute everything possible so that the demand for employment is satisfied, at the same time that people find work. In addition, the role it plays in the Galician economy is key: one of the aims it pursues is to ensure that talent remains in the Community, thus stopping the ‘brain drain’ that has been devastating not only Galicia, but also Spain , during years.

In fact, Xabier Ferreiro, Employment Technician of the Santiago Council, points out a triple aspect: “retain talent in Galicia, signify Santiago as a talent benchmark and generate a new mediation system.”

Talentia Summit’s commitment is focused on concentrating a lot of job demand in a short space of time, but at the same time a high number of vacancies in companies. “The aim is to bring together the attention of many people,” he explains in conversation with ABC Ferreiro, and even points out that this fair may not correspond to the real labor market for the rest of the year: in the last edition more than 40,000 interactions were generated on the Talentia web portal, something that caught the attention of many companies that wait until the celebration to offer their jobs. Yesterday morning, only four days after opening the website, there were already more than 27,000, so “it is very likely that it will exceed last year.”

On the other hand, there are 980 jobs that are promoted at Talentia Summit these days, of different kinds: if it is true that a large number of vacancies are related to technology companies, there are also other positions in the food or industrial sectors that they expect to be covered by one of the thousands of applicants.

The coronavirus crisis has revolutionized this fair in all its senses. As a direct consequence of the labor market situation, the supply of jobs for technology companies is increasing, which “have a clearer future, whatever happens, the paradigm shift is in their favor.” And although employment has been greatly affected in the last year and a half, the offer in Talentia is practically the same: according to Ferreiro, precisely because so many companies in this sector attend, the vacancies have not been reduced compared to past editions.

What’s more, the pandemic has driven the scale of this project. Before the coronavirus, when before – almost – everything was in person, “most of the people who came were from Santiago, its region, La Coruña or Vigo”, but since last year they have seen the need for the ‘pavilions’ of companies are virtual. In this way, people from all geographical points of the country come and apply, and there are also several companies offering jobs outside of Galicia. “The virtual event dimensioned us,” sums up the employment technician.

It may come as a surprise, especially considering the employment situation of youth – the demographic the forum focuses on – but not all vacancies are filled. Once again, technology companies are once again the protagonists, since many times they ask for “a profile so specific that even they already know that these positions are very difficult to fill,” explains Ferreiro. In any case, the other companies do have higher occupancy rates, as they are much more common and “affordable” job profiles, making it “simpler”.

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