The ascension of Yolanda Díaz



As in Jorge Manrique’s verses, in this confused national politics we must ask ourselves: what was done about Pablo Iglesias? Where is the controversial chalet in Galapagar, the case of who came to politics from a tent on the 15-M of Puerta del Sol saying that he was going to end the caste and became outcast that fell into the same mistakes of the old politicians? Did it happen to you like Samson, who when he cut his ponytail and put on a hair dressing brand of the breed lost all his strength? Or was the ponytail cut as it is in the National Holiday that he hates so much, which meant

the withdrawal from the political arena? Didn’t they say that his friend Roures had signed him up as a luxury gathering for their televisions? In this case, on which channel, paid or open, can we see it?

And in the same way, you have to ask yourself: and where is Podemos, removing the vice presidency of Yolanda Díaz in the Government and the pressure exerted on Sánchez to achieve all the radical and communist policies that he has programmed and that he signed in the coalition agreement, And if this does not happen, if he does not pressure the president to list himself more and more to the ultra-left, he threatens that since there are no donuts we will leave and that he will hold on to the brush, that we will take the ladder of support that in the motion of censure led to La Moncloa, with the help of the heirs of the ETA and the Catalan and Basque separatists, with all those who want to destroy Spain and the Constitutional Regime of 1978?

All this for which I wonder seems that it is now in the hands of a woman, Yolanda Díaz, who has been in the position of the owner of the Galapagar case and who seems to want to end not only with the trace of her old gentleman Iglesias, that maybe it is the one who ‘manages his boat that is taking us adrift’, but even with Podemos as a party formula, to go towards a black-legged platform that cancels and replaces Podemos and adds all the left, as shown He saw the other day in the launch that with other policies he made in Valencia of this idea of ​​renewal of the most stale and radical progressivism. There is an irresistible rise of Yolanda Díaz, who within the Government is winning all the initial battles against Nadia Calviño, her vice-presidential colleague, such as the ‘repeal’ of the labor reform or pensions, although uncle Pedro Sánchez comes later with the discounts and look more to the demands of Brussels than to its vice-president power when it comes to actually making the laws that are announced after the Council of Ministers (and Ministers).

And the most curious thing is that here everyone asks for ‘unity’, without anyone getting it. Yolanda Díaz asked for it in Valencia, but she has not achieved it with her opponent Calviño. It is requested by those of the PP who are fighting, shooting each other in the foot and losing voters by squirting with so many internal divisions. Sánchez himself asks for it. Everyone asks for unity, but here things are getting darker economically and with the pandemic data getting worse every day. The black that comes out there!

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