The autonomies are studying the introduction of the Covid passport in the face of the increase in infections



The approach of winter and the rebound in coronavirus infections, especially in the northern half of the country, are re-launching interest in the vaccination passport. Various communities, such as Basque Country, Navarra, Castilla y León and Valencian Community, are already studying its implementation for access to nightlife or restaurant venues, in an attempt to avoid more restrictive measures when Christmas is approaching.

For now only Galicia and Catalonia They had imposed the ‘Covid pass’ for nightlife, after obtaining the endorsement of their respective regional superior courts of justice. But this Tuesday the spokesperson for the Catalan Executive, Patrícia Plaja, explained that extending its use is not ruled out. Galicia will also request this week an authorization to request the Covid passport to the companions of hospital patients. It is a “prudent measure,” said the first vice president of the Xunta, Alfonso Rueda, “it should not bother anyone.”

With 79% immunized, the situation in Spain is very different from a year ago. But the increase in cases is beginning to show. Navarra and the Basque Country These are the communities that lead the incidence of the virus, with 203 and 174 cases per 100,000 inhabitants, well above the national average, in 82 cases. Both value implementing the Covid passport.

«If the trend continues in this line we will have to think about other types of measures that they help to stop the situation ”, said the managing director of the Institute of Public and Labor Health of Navarra, Marian Nuin. However, the communities are once again in the position of obtain the endorsement of the courts, in the absence of national regulations. We must analyze “what tools we have at our disposal to contain the situation,” he acknowledged.

Basque Country has already applied to the Superior Court of Justice authorization to require the Covid-19 certificate and, as recognized by the Basque Government’s Health Minister, Gotzone Sagardui, those activities or events in which prevention measures cannot be guaranteed will be suspended.

Also the Valencian government It is immersed in the search for the legal reserve that allows it to implement once and for all the Covid passport as a measure to stop the advance of the pandemic in the coming days. The restrictions, for the moment, are not an option, but within the Consell there are concerns about the concentrations of people in closed spaces, where the transmission of the virus is accelerating, on the eve of an almost pre-pandemic Christmas. President Ximo Puig has recognized that closed spaces and those in which distance cannot be kept or being with a mask is complicated are in the spotlight, while they wait for the final report from the Legal Profession to apply the measure.

Meanwhile, in Castile and Leon they are attentive to the impact that the increase in infections may have on hospitalizations. If this indicator rises, the community will try to restrict the contacts of the unvaccinated, including the requirement of the ‘Covid pass’. However, the vice president and spokesperson of the Board, Francisco Igea, hopes that it is the Interterritorial Council, where the autonomies and the Ministry of Health meet, which is capable of providing a common tool to apply this measure. “I am not very optimistic in this regard because of what we have seen throughout the pandemic,” he said on Tuesday.

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