The Dádoris Foundation announces the V edition of its Merit and Leadership awards



Dádoris Foundation announces the 5th edition of its Awards for Merit and Leadership, aimed at high school students who wish to enter the University in the academic year 2022-2023. The average amount of these grants is approximately 6,000 euros per course, depending on the student’s socioeconomic situation.

These awards are aimed at students who are studying for the Baccalaureate in Spain, their country of residence, and who are going to access the University in the 2022-23 academic year. In order to be a beneficiary of the aid, the student must meet two requirements: Have an average grade of outstanding in the Baccalaureate. And that the family income must be in the area of ​​Threshold 1 established by the Administration: a maximum of approximately 5,000 euros of annual income per member of the family unit, which would be equivalent to an income of 20,000 euros per year in the case of a family with four members.

Fundación Dádoris, in addition to providing financial aid, offers students a tutor who will guide them during their university career.

In the current academic year, 59 university students are pursuing their studies with the help of the Dádoris Foundation. 64% are women (38) and 36% men (21), who study at 28 different universities, of which 25 are public and three are private, and are enrolled in 15 different degrees. The preferred majors are: Engineering (11), Medicine (7) and Law (5).

Registration for the current call is open until February 19, 2022 and can be done at

The Dádoris Foundation is a non-profit organization created in 2018, by a group of retired executives from large Spanish companies, with the aim of supporting young people, without financial resources and an excellent academic record, to carry out their university career and accompany them during training and search for internships. Fundación Dádoris, which has the Donate with Confidence Seal, from the Lealtad Foundation that certifies that it complies with the Principles of Transparency and Good Management Practices, is financed with the contributions of its partners and patrons. In addition, it does not have administrative expenses, since all the work is carried out by volunteers, which allows all the resources to be allocated to the foundational purpose. In the 2021-2022 academic year, the Dádoris Foundation has facilitated university studies to 59 young people

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