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It was 1982 when a very young Infanta Elena He made his debut on the back of Gaitán in the Prince of Asturias equestrian competition held in La Dehesa in Madrid. After participating in several socialites, as the minor competitions are known, the King’s sister tried her luck that November 20 at a higher level, surprising many by the mastery with which the tour ended: without errors although with several points for excess time. It showed that it would not take long to become what many already predicted: an accomplished rider who has done everything and more for this sport. The equestrian owes him a lot. For this important outreach work that she has done since then, Infanta Elena will be recognized, as ABC has learned in advance, with the prestigious Madrid Horse Week Award, which each year is awarded to a legendary star of this sport.

“He deserves it because he has spent his whole life in the horse world. The help he has given to equestrianism and to those who have asked him for something is very important, either us or anyone from the horse world. Surely this facet comes from her aunt the Infanta Pilar, who was also a great passionate and became the president of the International Equestrian Federation “, she explains in an interview Daniel Entrecanales Domecq, President of the Organizing Committee of Ifema Madrid Horse Week.

Legendary figures

Among the winners are big names in this sport such as Pichi, Alvaro Domecq, Carlos Lopez Quesada O Luis Alvarez Cervera, among others. Perhaps that is why it was a surprise for the daughter of Don Juan Carlos and Doña Sofía that, when she received the call from Entrecanales, she was astonished. “What are you saying to me, with those who have received it, how am I going to receive it,” he says. It will be the last weekend of November when she is honored with this recognition that she “accepts from humility and enthusiasm” during a new edition of Ifema Madrid Horse Week of which she, once again, has accepted to be honorary president. The equine multidisciplinary event, which attracts 40,000 people each edition, returns after a year of hiatus due to the coronavirus, maintaining the World Cup for Dressage and Jumping, in addition to the novelty that the Jerez School of Equestrian Art is incorporated , one of the three great Europeans.

At the head of this great equestrian event, Daniel Entrecanales, together with the Oxer Sport team, which, year after year, organizes this contest: «It costs more than three and a half million euros to set it up and our income is divided into sponsorship, more than half, and then ticket sales, tables, VIP boxes and the horse room. It is a lot of effort because there are many people involved. But he does so with the illusion “of having managed to do something that had never been achieved in this country, which is to mount a multidisciplinary event and to have the World Cup for Dressage and Jumping for the first time together with all disciplines” , although he admits that he would love to “have double the budget” to be able to do more.

Family passion

Horses have always been his passion. Jerezano from the heart, he suckled from the cradle the love for this world that his family has always lived with. “As I say, I am the most amateur because I am terrible at riding and I still do it, so it has to be a lot of hobby,” says Entrecanales with a laugh. A heritage that he has passed on to his five daughters, all of them fond of the world of equestrianism.

Although Ifema Madrid Horse Week is one of his most exciting projects, it is not the only one. He has his own advertising agency, RK People Group, in addition to being a director of Acciona, a company chaired by his brother Jose Manuel Entrecanales, and belong to the administrative boards of Entreriver and Prosegur Cash SA. He did economics at the Caroll School of Management of Boston College, although he probably would not choose that option now. “I did that because I was not very clear about it and at that time it was the races that were held. There are a few days when I think that perhaps I would have been an architect and other actors, always in the creative world, “he confesses. You win, you do not lack, but you do have time.

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