The navigable Camino de Santiago and the ephemeris of the Cathedral and the Cristo del Otero, a joint commitment of Palencia Tourism in INTUR




The navigable Camino de Santiago and the anniversaries of Catedral de San Antolín and Cristo del Otero will focus the Palencia’s commitment as a tourist destination in INTUR 2021 hand in hand with a common front and a single brand led by the capital city council and the Provincial Council. The objective is group all Palencia tourist agentss who want to market products and services in the exhibition space within an international benchmark fair in interior tourism.

This new INTUR has decided bet on the differentiation between the contents Aimed at professionals and the end consumer, who will no longer coincide on dates, it will allow exhibitors and visitors to focus their time on those activities of their interest and get the maximum profitability from the fair.

Joint bet

The president of the provincial institution, Angeles Armisén, has explained that it is “a rebirth to return to a tourism fair with a greater face-to-face character, hand in hand with the same brand between the City Council and the Provincial Council because we are all Palencia together, even more so after the pandemic to obtain a greater boost and tourist and cultural recovery ».

Among other tourism initiatives, the provincial institution highlights the Unesco Las Loras World Geopark, the Route of the Ratoncito Pérez or the Cerrato region. The circle will be closed with the Jacobean year and an international route such as the Santiago’s road and the exclusivity that defines Palencia, with the only navigable stretch of the Canal de Castilla as it passes through said French road, he added.

Armisén has indicated to the Ical Agency that seeks to offer and publicize the province and its benefits hand in hand with spots and videos that show its landscape, nature, culture or gastronomy. An offer aimed at young tourism, but also family and childhood.

In addition, he has added that in Frómista becomes the crossroads between faith and reasonHence the motto of the offer, which is none other than ‘Write your Way, #DestinoPalencia’. And it is that, he has stressed that before all the knowledge, culture and news entered the Camino de Santiago, but now it has been transferred to social networks.

For his part, the mayor, Mario Simon, has stressed that it is an offer that is understood as a Global Palencia made up of a whole, between the province and the capital. It is committed to bringing to light all the power that the city of Palencia has and turning it into a quality brand and a family destination. For this, the capital’s proposal will revolve around the two main events, such as the 90th anniversary of Cristo del Otero and the VII Centenary of the Cathedral.

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